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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Invasion!’

The Flash Recap ‘Invasion!’

It’s the second night of the four-way crossover event and things start with a bang. Barry and Oliver are hiding behind a building as they are attacked by their super friends.

Backtrack 10 hours and Team Flash is running tests on Wally to see if he is capable of going out in the field. Iris and Joe are adamantly against him being involved, but we all know Wally isn’t going to stand for that. He has wanted to help people since last season. H.R. calls them all together and presents his idea for the S.T.A.R. Labs museum to them. Before they can even fully react to his proposition, an alarm sounds. A meteor is heading for Central. Barry runs off and finds that it isn’t a meteor, but an alien spacecraft.

Later, the media is playing it off as a military training test, but Barry spots Lyla and confronts her about what he saw. She confirms that it was aliens and that this isn’t the first time they’ve appeared. The are called the Dominators and in the 50s, they abducted and killed a lot of soldiers in order to gain information. But as quickly as they appeared, they vanished. Lyla tells them that four drop ships appeared last night, but Argus will handle it. Barry can’t take them on by himself.

Team Flash decides that they need to have a back-up plan in case the threat escalates. Barry speeds to Star City and recruits Oliver, Felicity, Diggle, and Thea. They call in the Legends and then Barry and Cisco dimension jump to Earth-38 to get Supergirl. Everyone gathers together and Barry fills them in on the Dominators. He says that they should prepare in case things go south, so they do some training with Supergirl. The team decides that they need to elect a leader and Cisco is very much in favor of Oliver, but Oliver declines saying that it should be Barry since he was the one who called them all together. Wally shows up because he wants to train too, but Iris turns him away, saying that he isn’t ready and will just get himself killed.

Stein and Jax confront Barry about a message that future Barry sent to Rip. They play the full recording for Barry and Oliver.  Future Barry warns that a war is coming. He has changed the future and that he shouldn’t be trusted by the others. Barry admits to Flashpoint, which shocks Oliver. Barry decides that he will tell everyone once they have defeated the Dominators. Unfortunately, Cisco finds the recording and ousts Barry. He tells them about Flashpoint and gets a stern talking to by the Legends who know all too well how you should not meddle with time. Sara is even angrier because she has wanted to save Laurel so many times, but knows what might happen.

They get an alert that the president has been taken by the Dominators. Barry says that he will stay behind and the team doesn’t argue with that. Oliver says that he isn’t going if Barry doesn’t and Diggle, who just found out how his life has changed, says that Oliver shouldn’t come then. They head out, but it is a trap. The Dominators say that the president isn’t the leader they are after and use a mind-control device that turns the heroes evil. They start destroying the city.

Barry and Oliver have a heart to heart and we find out some more things that have changed because of Flashpoint. The future article that is written about Barry’s disappearance used to be written by Iris West-Allen, but no longer. Last week the way Iris was speaking, I was afraid she’s going to die. Now that she no longer writes the article, it could mean that she just didn’t write it, but I don’t think that’s the case. She either isn’t around to write it or she never marries Barry. Oliver tells Barry that everyone makes mistakes. He talks about his own parents deaths and how if he could change it, he would. Barry is starting to feel a bit better when they get word that the others are attacking the city.

The ensuing fight scene is awesome. Oliver and Barry are outmatched, but they put up a great fight against everyone else. In the control room, Cisco and Felicity find the signal controlling their friends. Barry is about to get taken out, but Wally appears and saves him. Wally is all smiles until Supergirl flies down and knocks him out. Barry decides to use Supergirl in order to take out the device and leads her on a chase around Central. Meanwhile, Oliver is left with an unconscious Wally and the rest of the their friends. Barry uses a speed mirage to trick Supergirl into flying through the middle of the device. Everyone goes back to normal.

Wally is okay and is ready to take the verbal beat-down from Joe and Iris, but they instead give him a hug. Iris punches him after and says to never be that reckless again. H.R. then comes up to Wally and says that he sees his potential and will train him.

Outside S.T.A.R. Labs, everyone gathers, saying that the Dominators are indeed a threat and they are the only ones who can stop them. But before anything else can happen, Sara, Diggle, Thea, Ray, and Oliver are beamed away. Barry tries to save Oliver, but he isn’t fast enough.

I was surprised at how emotional this episode was. We got the cool fight scenes that were promised (and I’m sure there’s more to come the next two nights), but we also got a lot of Flashpoint fallout. I loved having mentor Oliver back and it was heartbreaking to hear him talk about his parents. Also, I just want Cisco and Barry to be friends again. I miss their friendship so much and it makes me sad that Cisco is so hurt.

The story continues with Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow.

Next week’s Flash is the mid-season finale and is entitled ‘The Present.’

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