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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Medusa’

Published on November 29th, 2016 | Updated on November 29th, 2016 | By FanFest

Supergirl Recap ‘Medusa’

Happy Thanksgiving!

Winn, James, and Mon-El join the Danvers for the holidays. James and Winn are going to tell Kara the truth about Guardian, but Alex tries to shut them down because she has something that she that she needs to say at dinner. Mon-El arrives and starts to sweet-talk Eliza and Kara believes that he is coming onto her. Kara talks to Eliza about that and she says that Mon-El was trying to be nice to her because he likes Kara. They gather around the table to say what they are thankful for when they are interrupted by a swirling blue vortex opening up over the table.

Later, Mon-El is out at a bar when he spots Hank Henshaw. He confronts him and they end up in a fight, but are interrupted when the device Hank left in the bar activates. A gas is expelled, killing all of the aliens inside, but leaving the humans unharmed. Mon-El appears to be okay, but they want to take precautions and keep him locked in solitary. Kara is also told to not leave the DEO. She and Mon-El play a game of Monopoly while they wait for any news of the virus. She asks him if he has feelings for her, but he denies it. Suddenly, he starts choking. Eliza does some analysis on the virus and finds out that it is Kyrptonian strain. Kara then knows exactly what Cadmus wanted with her blood and flies off to the Fortress of Solitude. Meanwhile, Alex confronts her mother about her new revelation, but Eliza had already put the pieces together. She tells Alex that all she wants is for her to be happy and that this is Alex’s normal. It was a really nice scene.

The droid that normally greets Kara at the Fortress turns on her, but she easily destroys it with her laser vision. She then goes to the computer and learns that Hank accessed Project Medusa. Her father then appears to tell her more about the project, saying that it was created in the event of an invasion. It would kill all other life besides the Kryptonians. Kara had always believed her parents to be doing research to save lives, and he says that they were, but only Kryptonian life.

Back at the DEO, they figure out that the only way the virus can be spread is through air or water. The fastest way to get it out is with an isotope being developed by L Corp. Kara heads to L Corp where Hank is already making an attempt to steal the isotope. He tries to kill Lena, but Kara interferes. Hank is more powerful than Kara and gains the upper hand. The police arrive and try to shoot Hank down, but their bullets do nothing. Hank uses his laser vision and hits Maggie. He then turns and is going to kill Kara when another vortex opens up. They are all distracted and Hank disappears.

Alex sews up Maggie’s wound and tells her that she told her mother the truth about her sexuality. She then says that at first she believed she came out because of Maggie, but is now realizing that she did it for herself. This was something that she needed to do and she couldn’t be more happy. For the first time, she can actually be herself. Maggie is happy for her.

Kara flies off to talk to Lena and try to get her on their side. But when she accuses Lena’s mother of being “the devil incarnate,” Lena turns Supergirl away. Lena then calls her mother and says that if she wants the isotope, all she had to do was ask. They may have more in common than Lillian had ever thought.

At the DEO, they get an alert that the isotope is in motion. Kara and J’onn fly out to stop it from being launched, though Kara initially didn’t want him to go. He tells her that he is changing into a White Martian, and if he is going to die, he would rather it be on his own terms. They head to the port where Lillian is testing her daughter’s loyalty. Lena puts the key in the missile launcher ignition as Kara and J’onn arrive. Kara once more tries to stop her, but Lena launches the missile. Kara flies off with it as J’onn is attacked by Hank. They fight and J’onn allows himself to change into the White Martian in order to defeat him. Kara reaches the missile, but Lillian sets it off and red particles rain down on National City. While J’onn is distracted by the particles, Hank escapes. But nothing happens. Lillian turns to her daughter, knowing that she tampered with the isotope so that it negated the Medusa virus. Lena has also called the police.

At the DEO, Eliza has found a cure for the Medusa virus and gives it to Mon-El. He is back to normal now and Kara confronts him about what happened while he was dying. He kissed her and she believes that they should talk about it. Mon-El doesn’t seem to remember what happened, but he gives Kara a look as she leaves and I think that he just didn’t want to admit to kissing her. Unbeknownst to them, a new threat is on the horizon. There are aliens searching for Mon-El, and will do whatever they can to find him. I think that Mon-El lied about who he really is and that he could be the prince of Daxam. His actions the past couple of weeks haven’t been very royal guard-like. He’s been trying to change because of Kara and in that has been trying to admit something to her.

Alex is at home when Maggie arrives bearing pizza. She tells Alex that she almost died and that gave her some time to think about what she really wants. Maggie says that life is too short and she should kiss the girls she wants to, meaning Alex.

Kara comes home after a long day to find Barry and Cisco. She is excited to see Barry, and knew that the blue vortexes had been him. He then tells her that they desperately need her help. Cue crossover!

Unfortunately, this was the last episode of the year as Supergirl goes on its winter hiatus. To catch more of Kara in action, be sure to tune in to The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow this week as Kara helps the other heroes defeat the Dominators.

Supergirl returns January 16 with the episode ‘Supergirl Lives.’

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