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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap ‘Crisis on Earth-X, Part 4’

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Legends of Tomorrow Recap ‘Crisis on Earth-X, Part 4’

This episode picks up directly where the other left off following Stein getting shot by the Nazis as he tries to open the breach to get them home. The others call Barry for help, but he and the Ray are still trying to intercept Red Tornado before he destroys the facility. Jax tries to make his way to Stein, but the Nazis are raining gunfire on them. That’s when Stein starts to crawl across the floor toward the control panel. Jax yells at him to stay down, but Stein doesn’t listen. He continues forward, taking a couple more bullets to the back before successfully pulling the switch and collapsing. The Nazis standing on the platform are vaporized and a breach opens. Outside, Barry and the Ray manage to stop Red Tornado. Jax and Stein merge and they all head through the breach.

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On Earth-1, the operation to harvest Kara’s heart and give it to Kara-X is underway. Felicity and Iris are forced to watch it all happen. Reverse-Flash goes to make the first incision, but he can’t bring the knife down. The reinforcements have arrived. Ray in his miniature form is stopping Reverse-Flash from hurting Kara. He returns to normal size, punching Reverse-Flash and then blasts Arrow-X and the Nazis holding Felicity and Iris prisoner. Ray and Felicity grab Kara and take her toward the exit. She needs to reach sunlight in order to recharge. At the pipeline, Nate is busy releasing the rest of the heroes. They can’t celebrate just yet because Metallo appears. How many superheroes does it take to stop Metallo? All of them, and it’s awesome.

Oliver-X once more comes for Kara, but Felicity gets in his way. He is about to shoot her when Oliver appears, an arrow to Kara-X’s throat. He says that he’ll kill her if he doesn’t let Felicity go. Reverse-Flash suddenly swoops in and takes Oliver-X and Kara-X away.

Our heroes reconvene on the Waverider to figure out their next course of action, but not before Jax does everything he can to save Stein. They get him to the med bay and Gideon does what she can, but Stein shouldn’t even still be alive. That’s when Jax spits up blood. They get him hooked up to the Waverider too. Caitlin and Ray talk about what they can do, but both know that that answer is nothing. Jax and Stein are both going to die because of their connection. Stein knows it too. He wakes up long enough to ask Jax to take the drug concocted by S.T.A.R. Labs to sever their connection. Jax refuses to do it because he doesn’t want to lose Stein. He’s not going to let him kill himself. Stein tells him that he has to. He’s not going to allow Jax to die too. Finally, Jax gives in and hands over the serum. Stein takes it and dies.

Everyone is reeling with the news of Stein’s passing, but they can’t allow themselves to get too emotional because the Nazis are still out there with their own Waverider. Oliver-X contacts the Waverider, asking once more for Kara. If they don’t give her up, they will destroy Earth-1. Oliver says that he doesn’t abandon his friends. They prepare for battle.

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The Nazis are attacking Central City, Oliver-X leading the charge, but our heroes make their grand entrance and the fighting breaks out. Oliver instantly goes after his evil doppelgänger, Barry taking on Reverse-Flash. Cisco is piloting the Waverider and targets the Nazi version, but the shield system is up. Unless they can get someone on that ship, there’s no hope in taking it down. Kara helps a bit by challenging Kara-X to a fight. While she’s distracted, Killer Frost, Vixen, and Zari get aboard the Waverider-X. Felicity then patches them the shield override code. They shut it down, Cisco vibes in to rescue them, and Harry pulls the trigger to blow it up.

Down below, Barry and Reverse-Flash take their battle across the entire city. Barry finally gets the upper hand, pinning Reverse-Flash against a wall. He holds his hand up, ready to plunge it into Reverse-Flash’s chest, but he can’t do it. He’s not a killer. Barry lets him go. Reverse-Flash promises to return, wondering who’s face he will be wearing next. Barry tells him he can’t wait.

Kara and Kara-X are having a pretty intense battle, but the radiation in Kara-X’s cells are at the point of exploding. She starts going nuclear, so Kara grabs her and flies her into space. Kara-X explodes, knocking Kara out. She falls back to Earth where she is caught by Nate.

Oliver-X sees the explosion and is temporarily distracted from his fight with Oliver. He falls to his knees, lamenting his wife’s death. Oliver draws his arrow but doesn’t fire. Oliver-X then spins around, saying he’ll kill everyone and that’s when Oliver loosens the arrow. He kills Oliver-X.

The day is saved, but it was a hard battle. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco prepares to send Snart and the Ray back to Earth-X. They are about to leave when Snart says that he wants to stick around for a while. He promises to return to the Ray soon, though.

At the Stein’s funeral, Jax is at a loss of words. He thanks Stein for everything, then apologizes to Clarissa and Lily, and says he doesn’t know how he’s going to go on. They tell him that Stein will always be a part of him. Jax, Clarissa, Sara, and Caitlin shovel a little dirt on Stein’s coffin, offering words of thanks. Caitlin asks him to tell Ronnie she misses him.

As everyone heads back to their own time and place, Oliver, Felicity, Barry, and Iris are left together on the waterfront. Felicity asks what their plans are now and Iris says that they just want to get a justice of the peace and get it over with. They already had most of the ceremony, just didn’t do the “I do” bit. Felicity offers Oliver’s services as mayor, but they would have to be in Starling for that to happen. Felicity has another idea. Barry runs and grabs Diggle, bringing him back to Central. Diggle got ordained in order to marry his brother and sister-in-law and he says that he would be honored to marry Barry and Iris. They exchange their vows and Diggle is about to pronounce them man and wife when Felicity interjects. She wants to marry Oliver. Right here, right now. Oliver asks why and she says that marriage scares her but not being with Oliver scares her even more. Diggle says that of course he’ll marry them too (since he’s spent six years keeping them together). He pronounces them man and wife and tells the boys to kiss their brides.

What a trip. This crossover did the impossible at topping last year’s ‘Invasion!’ There was so much heart and so many great action sequences.

I knew that Stein probably wouldn’t make it out of the crossover, but man was it still heartbreaking. Victor Garber and Franz Drameh have been incredible working together and their scene in the med bay just about destroys you. Drameh’s delivery in that scene and later when he tells Clarissa and Lily was probably the most incredible acting from the entire crossover (maybe in all of Legends). Truly, truly heartbreaking.

It is going to be interesting to see how the shows move forward following the crossover as there were lots of things that impact them. Obviously, the passing of Stein, but also Jax now powerless and still trying to be a Legend. He’s got what it takes and I’m excited to see what he does. Sara and Alex both grew from their interaction with each other, learning that sometimes the hardest choices are necessary and to stick with your instinct. It’s a shame that they’re on different planets and in different times because they could actually be really great together. Here’s to hoping we see more of them in the future. Snart has decided to stick around, which I thought was an interesting move. I guess his conversation with Mick before the final battle made him long for their team-up once more (and I couldn’t be more thrilled). Then there’s the double wedding. It’s exciting that both couples tied the knot, but now the hard part of sticking together through thick and thin begins.

Congratulations to a truly incredible crossover event. I can’t even begin to imagine what’s going to happen next year.

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