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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap ‘Invasion!’

Published on December 2nd, 2016 | Updated on December 2nd, 2016 | By FanFest

Legends of Tomorrow Recap ‘Invasion!’

In the finale of the ‘Heroes vs. Aliens’ crossover event, the team tries to figure out how to stop the Dominators from destroying the planet. It is suggested that they should kidnap one of the aliens, so Nate, Mick, Amaya, Cisco, and Felicity travel to 1951, which was the last time the Dominators appeared. The rest of the team are called to meet with the new president. Supergirl wants to go with them, but Oliver pulls her aside and says that he needs her to stay behind. He hasn’t been feeling in control lately because of this new threat and when that happens, he pushes back. Supergirl staying away from him will help him regain some of his normalcy.

Stein and Caitlin head to S.T.A.R. Labs to work out a way to defeat the Dominators. Stein believes he can create a small device that will incapacitate them. Caitlin calls in Stein’s daughter, Lily (the dark-haired woman Stein has been having visions of), who has a degree in micro-engineering. Stein doesn’t want anything to do with her because she is a time apparition he created. He knows that he has to go back and undo his conversation with his younger self in 1987. Caitlin tells him that he needs to stop treating her like a thing. She is a real person. They get back to work and end up creating the device together.

In the 50s, the three Legends are able to take down one of the aliens, but then a bunch of agents surround them. They are taken captive. On the Waverider, Felicity talks to Cisco about his issues with Barry, but Cisco won’t have any of it. Barry is no longer his friend because he is responsible for Dante’s death. When they discover the others have been imprisoned, they find some weapons and go to break them out. Nate talks to the Dominator, who does speak English, and the alien says that they are here to learn about the Earth and gauge its threat. An agent in glasses comes in and says that the JSA is the reason the Dominators have come. They want to know about metahumans and if they will be a problem. The agent then takes the alien away to torture it for more information. Felicity and Cisco bust in and save the Legends. They hear the screams of the Dominator and Cisco says that they need to save it and send it back to the mother ship. They do so.

In 2016, the team is supposed to be meeting with the president, but they are instead met by the agent in glasses. He tells them that they created a treaty with the aliens in the 50s, but that was violated when Barry went back and changed time (its probably a bad thing that the agent knows that Barry is the Flash). Now, the Dominators are back and will wipe out all metahuman life. He believes that if they give the Dominators Barry, they will leave Earth alone. Barry strongly considers it and Oliver tries to talk him out of it.

The mega-team is all back together now when they get an alert that the invasion has started. Cisco stole a communicator off of the alien drop ship and uses it to vibe up to the Dominator they saved. He and Nate go together and the alien says that though metahumans are trying to protect the Earth from evil, there is still a great possibility that people who are evil will get powers. If that were to happen, the scourge of Earth could become the scourge of the universe. The Dominator says that there is no other way. Earth’s metahumans must be extinguished. Cisco believes that it is because of their involvement in the 50s that the aliens have returned. If they hadn’t saved the Dominator, they wouldn’t be in this mess now. He is starting to understand just how much things can change based on one, caught up in the moment decision.

While the heroes face off against the Dominators invading Central, Sara and Cisco head off in the Waverider to intercept the bomb. Barry and Kara plant the nano-tech on the Dominators in Central and around the world. Sara catches the bomb, but it is much larger than they had imagined. They are able to slow the decent a little bit, but won’t be able to stop it completely. They call for Firestorm. He appears and uses his powers to change the bomb into something that isn’t harmful. Finally, he is able to do it. Felicity activates the devices and the aliens retreat. The day is saved.

The heroes are honored by the president and then celebrate together. Seeing Kara not in the suit makes Ray realize that he she looks kind of like his cousin, so maybe there is a Kara Danvers on Earth-Prime. Cisco has created a device for Kara that will allow her to dimension jump if there are ever any other threats that need her assistance. It is also a communication device so she call them anytime. Oliver then apologizes to Kara, who saved his life during the battle, saying that he has been doing a lot of thinking recently. She, Barry, and Oliver hug it out. Jax confronts Stein about his daughter, saying that she is an apparition and they have to go back and change it. Stein says he can’t. She is important to him and he doesn’t want to lose his daughter. For now, they agree not to tell the other Legends.

As the teams all go their separate ways, Sara asks Oliver if he ever imagined what life would have been like if they hadn’t boarded the Queen’s Gambit. He says that they lived that and it was a gift. Later, Oliver and Barry decide to hang out outside of saving the world. They talk about everything that happened and decide that a normal life would be nice, but what they have now is too important to just give up. It’s their new normal.

And so concludes the crossover. It was a great four nights and I loved having everyone together.

Next week’s new episode of Legends of Tomorrow is the mid-season finale and is entitled, ‘The Chicago Way.’

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