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‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap ‘The Viewing Party Combustion’

Raj is seeing both Emily and Claire… What? I’m in as much disbelief as the guys are!

Leonard is getting ready for the Game of Thrones viewing party, party sub and all. Sheldon dampens the mood by telling him the roommate agreement meeting is tomorrow. Leonard doesn’t want to go as he feels it is a waste of time. Penny strangely takes Sheldon’s side on the
matter. Amy takes Leonard’s side, confessing that she never liked the quarterly relationship agreement meetings either.

Raj and Howard are having guys night and Raj is complaining about his conquests(more like bragging). It’s rather annoying. They leave for the party and Howard confesses his concerns about the gender of his future child. The sweet moment is ruined by Raj’s bragging, again, and then by accusing Howard of being jealous of him.

By the time the six get together, they are all fighting. Leonard, Amy and Howard watch it in one apartment while Sheldon, Penny and Raj watch it in the other.

Stuart shows up to team Leonard dressed as Jon Snow. Howard told him it was a costume party. He goes over to team Sheldon because he’s now mad at Howard.

Amy reveals to Leonard that Penny tells Sheldon to add things to the roommate agreement so she can get her way without fighting with Leonard about it. He immediately goes over to confront her about it.

Howard interrupts the fighting to ask if the sandwich had nuts in it… he begins to have an allergic reaction to the pistachios. Good news
though, He’s fine!


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