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‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap ‘The Application Deterioration’

Sheldon looks good in a bow tie.

Why is he wearing one? He is applying for a patent with Howard and Leonard. They get approved but the university will get 75% of the profit and Howard won’t get any money due to his affiliation with NASA.

They refuse to sign and leave. Good for you boys!

Bernadette, Amy and Penny are talking about pregnancy when Raj comes in. Emily sent him a package for Valentines Day. She couldn’t return it after they broke up. An antique sextant. How sweet.

The boys are trying to find a way around the university. Sheldon and Leonard offer to split the earnings three ways to ensure Howard gets

Emily’s gift was $500!?! Is she trying to get back together with him? Speak of the devil, she calls.

She wants to be friends and wants to get coffee. Then she starts to cry… she’s definitely trying to guilt him into getting back with her.

He then leaves the girls to their night.

“Say hi to Emily for me.”-Penny as he exits. Of course he feels bad and is going to see her.

Sheldon writes up the contract in his special font “Shelvetica” for him Howard and Leonard to sign.

The girls come in and the whole group starts fighting over who contributed more to the project. Bernadette just wants Howard to realize that Sheldon gets a little annoying with his insults and put downs… Excellent points.

Claire calls Raj and tells him that things didn’t go well between her and her boyfriend. Raj says he’s on his way to see Emily, but it’s not like
they’re getting back together or anything. She kindly tells him that she’s playing him.

“That’s page one in the playbook.” – Claire.

Raj can’t decide what to do. On one hand he feels bad for Emily but on the other he thinks Claire is right.

Howard voices his concern about them working together. Penny brings up adding a clause to where Sheldon can’t make fun of Howard.

Howard likes what he sees but Penny notices an edit on page six. Sheldon is donating part of his share to Howard and Bernadette’s child. That’s so sweet!

Raj is still debating on what to do- and he sleeps with her… Good one Raj… Maybe Claire should send him that PDF of the playbook.

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