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‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap ‘The Fermentation Bifurcation’

Penny has won a free wine tasting and invites the whole group. Sheldon doesn’t want to go and Bernadette can’t because she’s pregnant, so it looks like its just the two of them.

Raj wants to bring Claire to the wine bar. But he’s still dating Emily too. How much longer can he keep this up?

She’s a bit apprehensive because she doesn’t want things to get weird. And to get ready for the night, Leonard uses a scratch and sniff book to study wine tasting.

Amy and Howard are the first to arrive at the wine bar. It’s a bit awkward… and Penny’s old boyfriend Zack is also at the wine bar.

Of course he comes over to say hi and to chitchat. He loves science! Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Mike Degrasse Tyson… #facepalm.

Claire finally arrives. And as usual, Raj makes this part awkward. That is until Zack asks why they are keeping their relationship casual.

Bernadette brings sparkling cider to Sheldon’s ‘Fetus Festival of Fun’ and boy does he have an evening planned. Toast, trains, and flat cider oh boy!

Bernadette asks why Sheldon like trains so much. He responses with they gave him a sense of calm and control. That’s kind of cute.

Sheldon announces that it’s Dungeons and Dragons time and she actually begins to enjoy herself. Bernadette liked that she got to take a break from being “Bernadette the Pregnant.” He offers to let her come back as “Bernatrix the Warrior Queen” whenever she wants, until the 3rd trimester. He can’t risk getting his spot wet.

Claire asks Penny and Amy if Raj is seeing anyone else, they say no. As Raj and Zack come back with more wine, Claire baits him into revealing that he is seeing more than one girl.

How did Sheldon get the star wars toast? And that must’ve been the shortest D&D game ever! Those things take like five hours, minimum.Nonetheless it was nice to see this unlikely pair bond as well as they did. I was sad to see that Amy and Howard lost
theirs. During the scavenger hunt (703 “The Scavenger Vortex”), they worked so well together. Now it was just awkward small talk.

It’s always good to see that Zack is still doing well. And that he still loves science. I just thought it was odd that he got under the guys’ skin so

And how is Raj going to talk his way out of this mess with Claire? Good luck man.

There are only two episodes left in the season! Tune in next week for “The Line Substitution Solution”

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