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‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap ‘The Big Bear Precipitation’

Published on April 7th, 2016 | Updated on June 6th, 2016 | By FanFest

Sheldon is camping… virtually. With a pine air freshener and everything!

Amy suggests renting a cabin in the woods for the weekend and Sheldon is not listening.

She gets him to go by referencing a study about how reasoning skills are heightened when one is in the woods and that Leonard could come
back smarter than him.

Raj and Bernadette got back form the doctors and from running errands. Howard thinks it’s a little weird when he sends her birthing
videos. Ewww. He feels like Raj is getting carried away. Bernadette disagrees.

“He’s just trying to be supportive.”- Bernadette.

Raj gets the baby a giant teddy bear. GIANT

On the way to the cabin, Sheldon reveals that he has never been off the grid. When they get there, Sheldon wants to be checked for ticks and immediately drops his pants. Peaking Amy’s interest… in safety.

It begins to rain, ruining their hike. The group thinks of ways to occupy themselves until it stops. Penny suggests a drinking game: Never
Have I Ever. You drink if you’ve done what was said.

“Never have I ever been arrested. ” Leonard begins the game.

Sheldon drinks and everyone is surprised, maybe because Penny didn’t… but anyhow.

Back at Howardette’s, Howard suggests setting some boundaries. Raj understands but is a little hurt. Partially by them, but mostly by the giant teddy bear that fell on top of him.

Bernadette and Howard realize they made a mistake and immediately regret it.

They invite him (and the bear) back over and apologize. They offer to listen to the baby’s heartbeat with Raj to make it up to him.

“You guys made a person!”- Raj

Back at the cabin, Sheldon, thinking he’ll win, says that he’s never opened a separate bank account because of his wife’s credit debt. Penny is pissed!

When they go to talk about it, she reveals that she hates her job. They kind of make up.

Sheldon and Amy keep playing. Sheldon finally wins.

This episode was adorable. Not much happened but what did was great! Raj is so excited for Howard and Bernadette. And let’s face it, so
are we! Penny hates her job but is willing to be adult enough to work through it.

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