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‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap ‘The Celebration Experimentation’

Published on February 25th, 2016 | Updated on June 7th, 2016 | By FanFest

It’s Sheldon’s birthday and Amy wants to throw him a party! The only problem is that he doesn’t like that idea. He runs upstairs to prove why he hates parties. When the gang goes upstairs to look for him he jumps out and surprises them. SURPRISE!

He then confesses that when he was younger, his twin sister’s friends would pick on him at their birthday parties. One time, they told him Batman was coming, so he waited by the door for hours. He never came.

Amy just wants to return the favor and make his birthday just as memorable as he made hers. He agrees, but Amy will owe him one.

Leonard, Raj and Howard discuss what to get Sheldon for his birthday. Remembering the story Sheldon told, Leonard gets the idea to have
Batman actually show up this time. They call up Adam West.

It’s the night of the party and the boys, along with Adam West discuss the ranking of the best Batmen (Batmans?) on the way back while the
girls and Stewart prepare for the party.

In Penny’s apartment, Amy is keeping Sheldon busy while trying to imply that she wants to have coitus. He completely misses the point.

“This is my birthday suit. Are you having a stroke?”

Sheldon finally arrives at his party and attempts to give a speech, but all of a sudden, he doesn’t feel so good. Penny goes to talk to him and Sheldon tells her that it was just too much. She understands and agrees to sit with him if that’s what he wants.

He decides to come out.

Amy gives a touching speech about him and he quickly relaxes and Sheldon wants everyone to go around and say great things about him. Even Stephen Hawking makes a guest appearance.

They all sing and Sheldon blows out the candles.

This episode didn’t have a whole lot of action, but it was really nice to see a part of Sheldon we normally don’t see, and to get a rational explanation for one of his many quirks. I really felt for Sheldon in this episode.

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