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‘The 100’ Recap: ‘Ye Who Enter Here’

This article contains
full spoilers of the

declaring this episode
best hour on TV to date. Kim Shumway, who wrote “Ye Who Enter Here” has done

an impeccable job at capturing
my attention and leaving me on the ground gasping
for air. The Ice Nation is
ruthless? No, Kim Shumway is.
Everything hurts and
I’m dead, speaking of dead, did you see that explosion?
And I’m not just talking

about the sexual tension between the leading ladies… but dude, an actual

explosion! More on that later…

can’t stress enough how
amazing this show is, each week the
bar is raised and I
never know if they’ll be able to achieve anything close
to previous weeks, but
somehow do. I’m left with a rabid urge for more and a brain swirling with

theories, reactions and utter joy.
Even when hearts are breaking, people are
getting maimed and some of our
characters are making some shotty
lately, I’m here… ready for the ride and boy it’s a rocky (and
exciting) one.





We start the episode off
with a much needed heart to heart (if
you can call it that) between
Clarke and
Lexa after the monumental betrayal of last season. I think
Shumway did a stellar
job really
capturing this dynamic and providing a realistic aftermath to
that’s happened between these two.
There has to be some sort of
reconciliation if they’re going to move on
together. Or else how is anything

going to get done? Lexa offers Clarke the chance for the Skaikru to join her

coalition. Clarke is still
fuming from all of the emotions swirling around
inside her and when the
Commander tells Wanheda she’s going
to need to bow
before her so that her people can once again be safe– Clarke
kind of loses it.
In the
most sophisticated way. Eliza Taylor is doling out Emmy worthy
this season, and I expect it to
only get grander with each passing
episode. In true Clarke fashion, she
calls out Lexa telling her that she
what’s really up– that Lexa looked weak to the Ice Nation because of
out of Mt. Weather
and now the leader of the grounders needs her help in order
to not seem like
a total bitch (wimp, pansy,
incompetent). Clarke then delivers
the best line ever “If you want the power
of Wanheda, kill me, take it.

Otherwise go float yourself, because I will never bow to you.”


On the Price of Azgeda front, Roan
enlists the help of Clarke to kill
Lexa. Yeah, that seems like it’s
going to go
over swimmingly. Lexa’s supposed to kill Clarke (per Titus’
advice) and Clarke
is supposed to
trust Roan and go after Lexa. Hmmm… I don’t see how this won’t
end well for
all parties involved. Roan
expresses to Wanheda that he wants
revenge (and his banishment lifted) and
can see that Clarke wants to take
Commander out too. Oh, come on Roan. Can’t you see it’s a different kind
“take out” than you’re
thinking. Clexa for life!



It seems Clarke isn’t too

far off that the Ice Nation is
after Lexa’s throne. The Embassador for Azgeda
puts up a fight questioning
the Commanders motives and
insinuated that Wanheda
is still alive because Lexa is too weak to kill her.
In this scene we also learn

of the Ice Nation closing in on the capitol and what it might mean if an
their size wants to take
hold of the coalition. Ice Nation’s representative
asserts his rebellion and
doesn’t feel the need to bow to
the Commander, and
continues to question her authority in front of the other
12 clan Ambassador’s.
Lexa’s right hand man, offers up to the rogue Ice Nation member that the

Commander bows down to no one, a
line that will be extremely important towards
the end of the episode. Lexa
does the only sound thing… let’s
him speak his
piece and then brings him aside to chat with him alone. Calm
of her right?
Wrong! She tells
him to send Queen Nia a message and then kicks him off the
balcony of the
tower. That’s a long way down, bro.
SPLAT. You dead. This power
play was executed beautifully (and forcefully)
by the ever-talented Alycia


Seeing Polis and
people trading in the
streets and roaming around was really refreshing. Lexa was
right, visiting
Polis will change how we see the
Grounders. They’re just people,
and they are doing the best they can to get
by in this harsh world. We also
the word nightbloods, which I’m assuming is going to be important in
the coming

Kane and Abby arrive in
for the summit and Abby sees how
great Kane is with the people of the
Capitol and gives him the Chancellor’s
pin. I swear, these people pass
the Chancellor’s pin like it’s the last blunt on 4/20. I’m glad that
rejected the pin and
told Abby that they need to have a vote when they return to
Arkadia. Can
these two just kiss already? Mmmkay.


Members of Farm Station have moved into Mount Weather,
Pike at the helm, because there
isn’t any room at in Arkadia for them. I
guess this is plausible, but
really? No room? This is problematic
for Octavia,
who seems to side with the Grounders more than she does with
the Sky People. She
knows that
by making moves into the mountain it’s going to seem like an act of
war in
the eyes of all of the Grounder
clans that have lost loved ones. And
she’s not wrong. Pike fails to see how
this is a problem considering he
really acknowledge the truce or any type of dealings that the Sky
People and
Grounders have with
one another. Will this be a problem moving forward? My magic
8 ball says
yes, hoorah!

and Octavia have a sweet and tender bonding
moment on top of the entrance to

Mount Weather, where Octavia reveals that the Grounders will never accept

Skaikru moving back into Mount
Weather and then she tells him that she feels
like she doesn’t fit in with
the Sky People anymore. Cue the
waterworks, we are
just blubbering idiots right now. He assures her that
she’ll always fit in with
and my heart just melts. It’s great seeing this side of Bellamy. The caring

for his sister, and showing
genuine concern for her happiness and well-being guy
that so many people
have fallen in love with. Minus
Clarke. I joke, I kid.


… is a trap! For the latter half of the episode we
under the impression
that Ice Nation was going to attack Polis, thanks to the
misinformation from
an old friend, Ice Nation would
kill everyone in Polis to
retaliate against Skaikru becoming a part of the
coalition. The information was

given to Bellamy and crew (which included Pike) by Echo (remember her? She
caged in Mount Weather
with Bellamy during his big escape plan) was a damn dupe!
In reality, the
Ice Nation had a Grounder in the
mountain ready to kill… wait
for it, Bellamy’s girlfriend AND set off the
self-destruct button (how did they

know there was a self-destruct button) in Mount Weather so that everyone in

there would die. Luckily,
Raven and Sinclair were the only ones who made it out
alive to tell the
folks at the summit, who by now
stormed the ceremony with
unlawful weapons, that everyone was dead. I did
not expect them to blow up Mount

Weather, first of all– it could have been extremely useful when it comes to

medical supplies and safety,
but holy hell. I was caught off guard. I’m glad
they did it though, because
this is what’s going to create
this ripple effect
between getting Ice Nation back on track (or not) and
starting a war over
rebellion against the Commander and the 13th clan.


Credit: The

The last
two scenes gave me heart palpitations.
First of all, Lexa bows down to
(in private) and offers her fealty to her. This Clexa fan is dead.
Probably as
dead as the new
inhabitants of Mt. Weather. Oooh, too soon? Sorry, not sorry. In
seriousness though, the importance of
this scene I think will be supported
as the season progresses. You have
Titus telling us that the Commander
bows down
to no one and then you have her bowing down to Clarke and
practically fawning
over the new
Ambassador like a giddy girl at a Justin Bieber concert. This shows
Lexa really isn’t messing around
this time, and for her sake– I hope she’s
not playing games because Clarke
will have her head if she betrays
her again.

We finally get a
glimpse of the
Ice Queen. I am
really excited to see Brenda Strong in this role, and not to be
cheesy or
anything but her name says it all.
Strong, her character is strong and
lives up to the hype surrounding the
ruthless leader of Azgeda. Just you
and see.

No sign of Jaha,
Emori, Alie or the
City of Light. I wonder what’s going on in Paradise.
Hopefully we’ll get
them back soon because I’m antsy to
see how that whole
storyline is going to transpire. Is anyone else nervous?
Because I think we
should be.

So many great lines of
evening but I’ll leave you with this
“If you want the power of
Wanheda, kill me, take it. Otherwise go
yourself, because I will never bow to you.”

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