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‘The 100’ Recap ‘Bitter Harvest’

This article contains
full spoilers of the

“Bitter Harvest,” more like
bittersweet payback. Last
episode had a few subpar moments, but overall it was a real brain
buster. I
can barely comprehend how
stressed I am after watching 42 minutes of
bliss and quite frankly my mind
still hasn’t caught up to the
events that
transpired. I’ll be sending my therapy bills to Kira Snyder, who
wrote episode
six. Well
done, I am simultaneously haunted and exhilarated. There was a lot
going on
during the show this week: We
came one step closer to learning more
about ALIE and her true intentions
with the inhabitants of Arkadia,
Clarke gets
an unexpected gift from Prince Roan which forces her to decide
if her and Lexa
will take
another step towards peace or if she will quench her thirst for
This is all happening while Pike
and his crew have taken a no-holds-
barred approach to securing the land
around them and levelling the people
stand in their way.

I know my fellow critics have issues with the

fragmented storylines taking
place, at times it feels like I am watching several
different shows within
one (Polis spin-off, anyone?), but
I do have faith. Faith
that all of this compartmentalism will culminate
towards the end of the season
we will indeed have our Unity Day, whatever that may



Credit: The

From the start
we’ve been
unsure of the Fleimkepa’s intentions in Polis. He has been with
the last four
commanders and
offers advisement to them during their time of need. But, this
week it was
confirmed that perhaps he doesn’t
quite align himself with the idea
of peace and Lexa’s new Blood Must Not
Have Blood rule. Not to mention,
him and
Clarke have a seemingly awkward heart to heart where Titus
practically tells
Wanheda that her big
ideas of changing the Grounder ways will result in the
Commander’s demise.
Nothing like putting a damper on
an already dreary
situation. Way to go, Titus. Neil Sandilands has been a
joy to watch. His
presence is
eerie yet comforting, if that makes any type of sense at


Ultimately, Titus is a perceptive man,
he knows the Commander has
feelings for Clarke and he believes it’s
clouding her judgement and overall

objectivity, in terms of their end goal for the Coalition. In order to be
strong leader she was
destined to be, does she have any room for the burgeoning
feelings between
her and her scorned lover? A
question I’m sure will soon be
answered in each developing episodes. Now,
since burying the hatchet didn’t

work so well between Clarke and Titus… we’re left wondering what’s up
bald headed Advisor’s
sleeves and if Clarke’s life is now the one hanging in

The Last Mountain

Credit: The


Carl Emerson, Mount Weather Security Detail reporting
duty! Prince Roan of Azgeda
delivered a gift to Wanheda, sealing his loyalty to
the Coalition and the
Commander’s reign. Is anyone
buying Roan’s dedication to
Lexa and Clarke? The Fleimkepa’s still out… but,
perhaps there’s some good in

him yet. One of the most intriguing and satisfying parts of the episode was
fact that the fate of the
last Mountain Man laid in the hands of Clarke, who
undoubtedly wanted
revenge for what Emerson did to her
people. Despite seeing
the rage in her eyes, Emerson didn’t flinch, he
tackled the Ambassador to the

ground in a rabid tantrum that floored me. He blamed her for massacring his

entire race, and forced her
to face… yet again what she did for her people. It
was an intriguing
parallel to last week, when Bellamy
called out Clarke for
abandoning the Arkers after the horrible events at
Mount Weather. But blame game

aside, it brought Clarke to her ultimate decision, and we thank Emerson for

helping her to realize what
needed to be done.

Every scene between Toby
Levins and Eliza Taylor
had me enthralled, and seeing as
Clarke took the high
road and eventually came around and chose not to kill
her greatest enemy, we can

totally have a Clarke/Emerson spinoff now… Right? Right! I’m sorry I
tweeted that I wanted to
see our beloved Clarke torture you, Tobes. It’s nothing
personal, your
character is just a

Clarke and Lexa

Credit: The CW

These two
come a long way since
their first meeting, hell, they’ve grown so much even from
the beginning of
the season when Clarke spat in
Lexa’s face and threatened to
kill her for her betrayal. Heda and Wanheda
are definitely working together for

the greater good, and Clarke and Lexa are undoubtedly being pulled together
an attraction,
understanding and respect for one another and their

opening scene where we see the
Commander asleep, with
Clarke drawing her like one of her french girls–
wait, this isn’t the Titanic?

No, the Bitanic (as our Queen Eliza Taylor has dubbed it). We get a tender

moment where Clarke comforts
Lexa after she’s jolted awake from a dream, where
Lexa witnesses the
previous Commander’s deaths at the hands
of an assassin. The
Commander’s before her aren’t too thrilled about her new
motto, and Lexa knows
Clarke tries to reassure her that her legacy will be to bring peace and that

the ceasefire should remain. But
for real guys, did Lexa have a premonition of
her own death? Does she know
who’s taking out the fallen
Leaders of her people?
I need to know.

After Clarke was given the
gift of a dick in a box, (no,

it’s not that kind of present, we’ll save that for Showtime) she’s faced
the decision of killing
Emerson for his crimes or banishing him from the lands
and letting him live.
Since we know Clarke is still
feeling the pressure of all
of those deaths on her hands, it was only
natural that she would instantaneously

choose to execute him. We see Clarke siding with Titus, agreeing that in
case, Emerson deserves to
die for what’s he’s done. But, I’m not entirely sure
he’s done enough to
warrant 49 cuts at the hands of the
Legendary Wanheda. Sure,
he’s a glorified troublemaker, and he carried out
some awful stuff in Mount

Weather, but he was just doing his job. Taking orders like a good soldier.
not the one who wiped out
an entire Mountain full of people and children who had
nothing to do with
this war, all to save a few dozen
others. Yes, he gave the
codes to Ice Nation to carry out their attack, but
after losing everything– I’m

sure his moral compass was more skewed than we ever imagined. No, he’s not

innocent, but this particular
crime was not his burden to bear.

Lexa is
obviously displeased with
Clarke’s decision to carry out the
considering she’s the one who suggested that Blood Must Not Have
Blood anymore.
It seemed to
not only strike a nerve and drive a wedge between these two leaders
but also
created a double standard that I
was struggling to accept. Luckily,
Clarke wised up and in turn practiced
what she preached and made the
decision to let Emerson live. The Commander of Death giving a
life, who would
have thought! I
was pleased to see that their united front, though temporarily
wavering, was
still in tact. I expect to see
Emerson pop up again… he’s
definitely not giving up his quest for



Credit: The

Possibly the
most conflicting
storyline is the one happening in Arkadia. Chancellor Pike is
wasting no
time testing soil samples, water,
and attempting to mass murder yet
another grounder village. Did he not get
hugged enough as a child? Isn’t
a better way? If so, he’s not taking suggestions. Luckily, Kane,
Miller and
Octavia have been
working in overdrive in order to slow down the hemorrhage
known as Charles
Pike. But, after an attack on an
enemy village leaves two dead,
including Monroe (RIP Zoe), things seem to
find themselves even further from a

happy resolution. They know there’s a traitor within their walls now and I

suspect we will see their
witch hunt in the next episode. Though not my favorite
part of this
storyline, I do see the writer’s
intentions to develop inner
conflict within the Sky People in order to
initiate a rebellion, and when you

add Jaha and Alie into the mix… Well, you just don’t know whose side you

should be on– if

Abby is cautious of Jaha’s new pill that seems to
be taking away
the pain of those who are
ingesting it. Raven, who is probably
the most important one impacted by
this, can be seen doing Alie’s shady
and acting like a creepy Stepford Wife with a tool belt. I’m elated
to see that
Abby is
questioning what’s going on, the fact that so many people are popping
bite sized technology without
wondering what its side effects concerns me
to no end. Speaking of side
effects, how about Jaha forgetting
his own son… yep,
that happened. Apparently we have a winner! Memory loss is
one, of I’m sure
problems surrounding this unknown pill. Oh, and can we talk about how

Jackson betrayed the crap out of Abby
and took the City of Light pill too! That
one snuck up on me like that
acidic sap poor Octavia had to endure
while saving
that ungrateful Grounder child.

Speaking of Octavia,
Marie Avgeropoulos
can pick up
her Emmy Award now. Seeing the character development regarding
Octavia has
been the most exciting thing for
me to watch, to be honest. She’s
working for Kane now trying to figure out
what Pike is up to, something that
passed up earlier in the series, and she’s on a mission to get Arkadia
under the right
leadership. She saved a Grounder child that was spotted by
Pike’s people,
and she also warned the village of
an attack from Arkadia. They
didn’t seem to trust her and she ended up
knocked out and tied up, but her

efforts did not go unnoticed. By me anyways. Bellamy does come to the rescue

(just this once since his
shift under Pike’s control), only to be greeted with
disgust for attacking
the Grounders. I’m just waiting
for that family feud to
explode like that village did. It’s something that’s
been brewing for quite a
episodes and it better come sooner than later.



Credit: The CW

It seems the bitch in
the red dress is after
than just a few kumbaya spouting followers. We learn that after Raven

succumbs to the unbearable pain of both
her leg and her past and takes the City
of Light pill, that Alie is after
tech within the Ark’s mainframe.
searching the Arks’ system for a code that will give Alie a much
needed upgrade,
to ya know,
destroy the world again I’m assuming. Raven brings up the fact that
just maybe the code was on the
13th stations hard drive. Ding, ding,
ding. Nice throwback to a station we
probably had all forgotten about.
didn’t that station float off into the abyss never to be seen again?
Nope. Not
quite. Which brings
me to the reveal of Polaris…


One of the biggest twists of the night was finding out that
is based on a ship that
crash landed on Earth many years ago. Polaris, which
sports an infinity
symbol on its outer shell, is the
dots we needed to connect
Polis, and the Grounders with Alie. Some think
it’s the 13th station that was

lost in space, that ended up on Earth and morphed into the 12 clans we see
within Grounder community,
others think they held the person that fell from the
Sky captive and that’s
why they’re aware of the sacred
symbol. I’m going with
the first theory, but who knows. I’m constantly
surprised by the writing team
just when you think you’ve figured it out, they go and switch it up on


We see this dropship in
the room that Titus is using to beat the
living daylight out of Murphy. Yes,
Murphy is back on our screens
and the poor
guy still can’t catch a damn break. Titus seems to think he has
regarding the
sacred symbol, seeing as he was carrying around one of Jaha’s COL
pills when
he was picked up on Grounder
territory. Could this mean Titus doesn’t
know all that he needs to know
about Alie? The meaning of it all?


Final Thoughts

and Abby share a moment…
can we hashtag BeardKiss? And I’m hoping for a smooch
in the next episode,
shhh don’t judge me. I’m total

Remember that back tattoo everyone has been hemming and
over on Lexa’s back?
Well, I’m even more certain now that it’s Polaris dropping
from the Sky,
landing on Earth and that’s the
origin story for

Monty is working with his mom and Pike, and
I’m just like, no way!
adorable Cinnamon Roll, please be a double agent– and your mom, too. I don’t

think I can take another
heartbreak after them revealing Jackson took the chip
and they killed off Monroe,
right after we learned she indeed has a first
name. Guess my hopes of HARPOE

(Harper and Monroe) becoming a thing will have to wait until we all find

ourselves in the City of Light
battling Alie for the remote to watch American
Horror Story: The AI’s Ending
the World… again.

thing’s for certain,
Titus is up to no good, and in the preview for next
week’s “Thirteen” he’s guns

blazing– with the target being Clarke. I’m gonna need him to stop this

debauchery right now before Lexa
is forced to put you in your robe-wearing

P.S. Where’s

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