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‘The 100’ Recap: ‘Watch the Thrones’

This article contains
full spoilers of the

There’s much to be said
this episode of

one that I am both enthralled and
outraged by. OK, outraged might be a bit
of a stretch, but there were
moments I
absolutely loved and some I questioned. After a few notable leaks
of scenes
between some of the
interactions on the show, I’m happy to say that the fans
still enjoyed a
grand hour of TV tonight. Let’s get
right to it.



Credit: The

One of the most
notable moments in the episode was the epic
gladiator-style battle between Lexa

and Roan. I was probably most impressed with this sequence that was executed

perfectly by all those
involved. It was only a matter of time before Heda’s
position in power was
challenged due to the cowardice
she showed at Mount
Weather, and when the Ice Queen questioned her strength,
it was all downhill
there. Nia chose Roan to fight the Commander and the Commander… well, no
fights for her! Titus was not
happy about this development, but much like
Clarke, Lexa is stubborn and
will do what needs to be done, even
if that means
dying. The introduction of Brenda Strong’s character was
highly anticipated and
one I’ll
get into a bit more later in this review. Now that the those a-hole

Ambassador’s have staged a coup, it’s
time for Lexa and Roan to fight to the

The actual fight
was pretty
damn epic if I do say so myself– like I had any part in it, ha.
And kept a
captive audience
the whole sequence. There was a brief moment where I feared the
Commander of
Blood was done for. Much to my
surprise, girl can fight and that’s
exactly what Clarke, and the rest of the
grounder clans needed to see.




Nia met her untimely demise
on tonight’s episode
and although it seemed oddly
satisfying for Lexa to throw
that spear into the heart of the woman who not
only challenged her position as

Commander but who killed her beloved Costia. But on the other hand, I was
starting to enjoy this
character and think that it would have been nice to see
some more of her,
and her history not only with Lexa
but with Roan and the
people of Azgeda. It was a bold move to bring her in
and take her out swiftly–
I think there might have been some wasted potential there.



Pike isn’t taking this

“let the grounders punish
themselves” bit lightly. He wants to assert his power
over the grounders and
he’s not warming up to the fact
that the Sky People are
part of the coalition now. We see Pike manipulate,
instigate, and otherwise send

many of the people of the group into an irate state over the grounder clan

stationed outside of Arkadia…
ones that Lexa put into place to keep them safe
from the Ice Nation.

After the Ice
Nation annihilated the people at Mount Weather, the
Arkers decide to hold a
where a member from Farm Station decides to bludgeon Lincoln. Pike
does the
only decent thing this season so
far and stops them from tearing each
other apart from the inside. If they
weren’t inside Arkadia, I don’t
think he
would have stopped them from bludgeoning Lincoln, to be honest.

Another notable, but rushed moment
was when
everyone decided to follow Pike and vote
him as Chancellor. Kane passes
the pin to him all willy nilly after being
locked up for treason and tells

Bellamy that it’s not too late for him to choose the right side. The fact
Kane didn’t put up much a
fight for the Chancellor status makes me think there
are going to be a
divide between the Sky People, one
lead by Pike and one by
Kane. Bellamy seems to be content with the path he’s
chosen… more on him next.



Credit: The CW

After Gina
and the other 48 died in Mt. Weather,
Bellamy was feeling pretty down on
himself. Which is understandable
given all
that’s he’s had to endure these last three seasons. He’s gives up
his duties and
Kane tries to
tell him what he did shouldn’t weigh as heavily on him because he
was doing
what he thought was right at the
time and that Bellamy thought he was
saving lives in storming Polis and
leaving Mt. Weather unguarded.
‘whatever the hell we want’ attitude is void in these scenes and
he’s just left
defeated. A side of Bellamy that the audience is quite frankly not used
seeing. It feels weird and is
completely odd to see. But I think it’s going
to be good in the long run.
Another beef I had with the episode
was that it was
hard to sympathize with his loss of Gina and justify his
outrage and intense
breakdown because we really didn’t know her, sure she seemed like a
girl– but why should we care? I
think that it’s more plausible that the
burden of keeping all 48 people safe
weighs heavier on him than just
the loss of
his girlfriend. These events and the constant prodding by Pike,
brings us to a
turn for Bellamy. He’s going against everything he’s been building
Clarke and the rest of the group, he
helps commit treason by taking weapons
to go take out 300 of Lexa’s warriors
that keep in mind are there to
them, what’s up with this guy! I can’t say that I’m surprised that
Bellamy has
gone down this
path, but I am shocked that he would do a complete 180
considering his
sister identifies mostly as a grounder
and the Sky People have
been working in overdrive to keep the peace between
everyone involved. I’m

looking forward to seeing where this takes Bellamy… hopefully not straight
the ground.


learn that the
Nightbloods date back to the first Commander. Is this
important? Should we care?
answers are both yes. But why this is important remains a mystery to me. How

did the first Commander come
about? Why is their blood black? Please don’t tell
me they have anything to
do with ALIE and the City of
Light. The fact that there
hasn’t been much development on that front,
worries me that Polis is somehow

connected to the virtual maniac. I’m sure there are some fans out there who
concocted this grand
theory and it is much better than anything I could ever
come up with, so
I’ll leave it to Tumblr. In other
news, Lexa’s star pupil Aden,
pledged his loyalty to the 13th clan and a
promise from a child didn’t seem to

ease her worries. And rightfully so.

In addition to the
rest of the Nightbloods training with the Commander, we
meet Ontari. The Ice
Queen’s right-hand woman, and
the one that Nia believed
would take Lexa’s place after she lost the fight.
Unfortunately, a spear was

thrown in her chest– I mean wrench was thrown in her plan and Nia’s death
Ontari’s future a bit up
in the air. Will Roan try to live out his mother’s wish
to see a new Heda?
Is Ontari through with trying to
take Lexa’s throne? I doubt
it. Just from the season 3 trailer we see
Ontari, face full of black blood

sitting on what looks to be Lexa’s throne– this worries, and excites me

greatly. Sure, I’m stoked to see
more of Rhiannon Fish, but if that means Lexa
will be greeted with death, I
don’t know if I can get on board
with that.



These two probably had the
most tender, and
heartbreaking moments (next to Clarke
and Lexa, of course) of
the episode. I must give credit where credit is due
and say that Devon Bostick

and Christopher Larkin have my attention. They completely blew me away and
fact that Jasper was on
one of his benders and he stole Finn’s ashes from Abby
to almost get back at
Clarke was both smart and
heartbreaking. Monty admits that
he’s not fine, I mean how could he be? He’s
been through just as much if not

more than Jasper. The difference is he just deals with things differently–
know, like not drinking
himself into a stupor and stealing dead people in jars.
This relationship
has got to be the most intriguing
and well-developed of all on
the series right now. Can their friendship
survive what happened at Mt. Weather?

Is this the end of Jonty? Oh God, I hope not. I really hope these two can
things out and help each
other– because right now, friends are essential to
their sanity and their


shows concern and roots for Lexa front row during the fight scene.
It seems
like Lexa was not only ready to
prove that her throne was hers and hers
alone, but that she was also worthy
of Clarke’s love. The episode got
topped off
with a brilliant scene in which Lexa shows up in Clarke’s
bedroom, no, not in
the way that we
had hoped– but in a big way nonetheless. The two are sporting
exceptionally beautiful nightgowns and
I’m wondering when they’re going to
have a hot makeout sesh. No, but really.
I think that the writers are
doing an
impeccable job at developing these characters and their
relationship with each
other. Although
Clarke asks why Lexa forgives her Ambassador’s after they
betrayed her Lexa
states that “they too were just
doing what they believed was
right for their people.” This was an aha moment
for me, where I realized that

Clarke was trying to figure out how to get over the fact that Lexa left her
her own to die at Mt.
Weather, but turning the tables on her. And it worked.

says goodnight to her in
Trigedasleng, and Lexa replies in English. Is this
significant? Is Lexa

impressed by her grounder speak, and wants to show respect by speaking in

Clarke’s Native tongue? Who
knows… maybe I’m fishing– Rhiannon that is. ha.
Couldn’t help myself.
Overall the progression of these two
is something I’m
pretty happy with. I don’t know where they’ll go with this
relationship, if
anywhere but
I’m eager to see how it all plays out this season.



Credit: The CW

Jasper tripped and spilled Finn’s ashes all over the grass near the
site, I nearly died. It was such
a tear-jerker to see Jasper look
completely dismayed by it. He came here to
take away Clarke’s love just like
did to him, but did he really want to dump out someone who he considered
friend too? The accident
was necessary, but completely and utterly sad.

Now that Roan is
King of Azgeda
will it mean that he’s going to be a more level head for Lexa
to work with when
it comes
to the coalition? I’m not sure how inclined to keep the peace he’ll be
Pike and his newfound followers
decide to massacre the grounders like they
massacred them.

someone please
get Titus a Xanax? Poor guy thought his wonderful Heda was
deada. Good thing
Lexa’s got
mad sword skills and totally made Azgeda her bitch.


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