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‘The 100’ Recap: ‘Demons’

Published on April 24th, 2016 | Updated on April 24th, 2016 | By FanFest

“Demons” run amuck in Arkadia during
this week’s pulse-racing episode
. And no, not
real demons (although
would have been frickin’ awesome) it was more of an inner demons and demons

of the past thing going on. Which
I welcomed with open arms, a box of tissues,
one hand over my face… and
thoughts of Tim Tams being slammed
into my mouth for
comfort after the trauma I endured. The

100 really did a great job of
things up about 27
notches and delivered one of the best shot episodes all
season. Legit, I was
beyond excited that it had this
classic horror vibe to it
and man, did they deliver all the thrilling goods.
At one point, I was waiting

for Norman Bates to jump out from behind Lincoln’s guard jacket with a
knife in hand, but alas,
the audience was instead greeted with a sobbing Octavia
and all of our
hearts broke just a little bit more
seeing our fierce warrior in
pain over such a massive loss.


I just add that these characters are growing so fast? I feel like a mama
and my cute little cubs
are pre-teens now and they just ripped my face off
because I wouldn’t let
them eat that nice tourist man in
cabin 3B. All of these
characters have gone through the ringer, and none of
them are the same from that

moment we first saw them step off the dropship into the unknown. And it’s
me all the feels. Some
changed for the better, some for the worse, but all
changed. Seriously,
though there was a whole lot of
growth during this latest
installment, which was written by Justine Juel
Gillmer, who not only gives great

advice on how to make your hair curly (the secret is pizza crust, y’all),
she’s also a damn good
storyteller. “Demons” had everything that I love about
the show, camaraderie
between the gang, someone
bleeding profusely from the
eyes, Octavia being both vulnerable and a BAMF,
a Princess Mechanic hug, ghost

stories… and Clarke in Commander gear. More on that later.

Emerson’s back with a

Credit: The

You didn’t
think that was the
last we’d be seeing of Carl Emerson, Mount Weather
Security Detail, did you? I
from the moment Clarke spared his life in Polis that no banishment would

keep Carl Emerson away from avenging
the death of his friends and loved ones at
Clarke’s hands. She did murder
his kids, his brother, and two
hundred and blah
blah people while trying to save her own. Forget about
self-tanner, Clarke’s new
shade is blood stain.

a stylish new look from the
grounders vintage 2063 line, we see
Emerson lurking around like some yeti
assassin slowly picking off the
members of
the team in Arkadia, which is a creepy abandoned settlement right
now thanks to
Jaha and Alie
moving to stage two of their plan aka overtaking Polis. Emerson
executes a
pretty simplistic strategy…
capturing all of Clarke’s friends and
tying them up in the airlock chamber
that once held him hostage. Loving
throwback by the way,

100 does a great job of reintroducing
little details like this
that make the whole story flow.
Although it doesn’t
always make sense, in this case– it totally did. Wink
wink. Nudge nudge.

Jasper suffered a massive blow
his head, and collapsed
in front of Octavia and I ‘bout near shat myself because
I’m not ready for
Jasper to die… not yet. Octavia is
another person who got a
nick from Emerson’s blake to get to brooding big
bro Bellamy. More on that next…

Toby Levins wasn’t kidding
when he
said he’s the macabre of
death. Literally, everything this man is in– he dies.
I’m pretty sure at
this point it’s in his contract
“must suffer a grueling and
very public death or no deal.” I’m sad to see
Carl Emerson, Mount Weather

Security Detail go… but happy that Levins’ legacy will live on with that
death scene.


Credit: The CW

Alright, listen, this isn’t the bash
Bellamy show–
but, I have to voice my opinion when it comes to him atoning
for his sins. Sure,
of these delinquents are responsible for some pretty dark shit, I’m not

saying any of them are perfect… but,
the rest of them seem to have a little more
common sense in terms of what
fight they’re fighting and what
team they should
remain loyal to. I had such high hopes for Bellamy during
this episode. There he
was, by
Clarke’s side like a dutiful knight willing to back her up when Emerson

demanded she give herself up in order
to save the rest of her friends. That
moment could have been a grand
gesture, Bell
finally doing the right
thing to save

EVERYONE. See, that’s where my

problem has always lied– he
only thinks about his sister, and yes, that’s all
well and good “my sister,
my responsibility” and all…
BLAKE AT ALL COSTS, but when you’re making a bold
statement to protect the
that has always put her people first, then maybe you should follow

Not to say there’s
anything wrong with Bellamy
Blake putting his sister first,
that’s who he is.
Instead of having Clarke’s back when she was offering
herself up to Emerson in
airlock chamber he backed down at the first mention of Emerson causing harm

to his sister, and chose her.
This isn’t OOC for him. It was still just a little
disappointing. I
mentioned on Twitter how I thought that
Clarke and Bellamy were
never on the same level, they were never “co-
leaders” because Bellamy has never

been a leader. An enforcer, or good soldier in the storm, but not a leader.

Clarke has always had that
title, even when she didn’t want to have it. But, I’m
getting off topic
right now. The fanDUMB (thanks for
coining this term first
@CoolHandLukette, you betch,

you!) was a bit angered by my
statement. But even now, days later, I stand by my
findings. Bellamy is not
a leader. He isn’t, nor do I
think he ever will be one.
Aside from Bellamy’s grand plan to be Clarke’s
backup failing epically, it was

nice to see everyone back together working to reorganize and do what needs
to be
done. I only hope that
we see Bellamy redeem himself before he meets his end.
Listen, we’re all
thinking it… no one is safe and I’m
oddly concerned for him
now that we have only 4 episodes left of the season
and absolutely no indication

of any happy endings. Perhaps he’ll finally do the right thing and sacrifice

himself for the greater
good, whatever that may be. Who knows.

Don’t go Blake-ing my

Credit: The CW

What an
emotional rollercoaster she’s been through, from being hidden under
floorboards for 16 years, being
controlled by her overprotective brother on
the ground, struggling to find
her place in this new world order
and losing the
love of her life… I’m surprised Octavia is still moderately
sane. She has seen
so much
heartbreak, probably as much as Clarke has and that’s saying a lot, that

poor girl can’t catch a break
either. I was both grateful and a bit bitter for
Octavia’s chance to grieve
losing Lincoln. On one hand, it
was necessary for
her… she demanded that in order to make things right
Bellamy “bring Lincoln
back” and
he did just that. Laying his body in front of her so that she could
sob and
remember just how royally her
brother screwed up this time. But on the
other hand I was jealous, for the
other characters on the show… like
Clarke, or
Raven or Monty, who never really got a chance to mourn the death
of people that
were close to
them. Mourning really is a luxury in the world of The 100
even the audience takes it for

Despite all this despair, lighting

up Lincoln’s body (and Sinclair’s too) and saying goodbye to those people
getting so close to them,
I was pleased to see Octavia’s fighting spirit still
living on, though, even
when she was being threatened by
Emerson… shackled to
the wall, this little firecracker was still trying to
escape. Still wiggling her

way, trying to break those chains that have held her back her whole life.
the Blake spirit I crave
for in Bellamy. That’s what his little sister has on


Just when I was
starting to
really develop a
bond with Sinclair, y’all go and kill him. Figures. I was
enjoying seeing him being masterfully
woven into the group dynamic
and damn, I’m gonna miss his sass when it comes
to giving Raven a hard time

about her coding skills. Let’s be real though, without Sinclair all of them

would have been dead. He’s
the one who knew enough Latin to activate the flame…
without that Clarke
couldn’t have pulled her completely
awesome stunt on

goodbye to Raven was
something that I would have liked a little more time to process but of

course… timing issues and all. The
truth is no one really gets a chance to mourn
the loss of their loves ones,
except for Octavia because…
Lincoln. But really.
His need to protect Raven, even in his last moments was
a true testament to
father/daughter bond.


Credit: The CW

In the end
I’d like to think Clarke’s wit and helping
hand from Lexa’s spirit saved the
day. The Lexa haters will say it
til they’re
blue in the face that Lexa Chip is a thing of the past and
Clarke’s on her way
to mending her
broken heart in the arms of her obedient Knight. I call bullshit.
Clarke is
traumatized, she literally was
about to sacrifice her life to save her
friends… this is both a heroic and
stupid act on the leader’s part.
Perhaps she
has nothing left to lose and just wanted all the pain and
suffering to end, or
perhaps she
was doing the only thing she knew how to do– bartering with her
instead of others, a dilemma she’s
faced one too many times. I don’t know.
She’s complex, and guarded, and she
is just trying to do what’s right
for her
people. Still. She offers herself up to Emerson, who clearly knows
how to hold a
grudge… damn
boy, make like Elsa and LET IT GO!

After seeing her friends close to
death being suffocated before her
eyes, Clarke, who is being strangled
by Emerson, does the only logical thing… takes out the flame, says a
few words
in Latin and BOOM
it takes a hold of Emerson and he starts to bleed from all of
the openings
on his face. At least we hope it
was only the openings on his face.
Yuck. Gross. For a hot second I thought
that Clarke was going to put the
chip in
herself, but durrrr that wouldn’t make sense in that particular
moment. Perhaps
down the road?

Commander gear
is probably something I could but
shouldn’t talk about for the
next three paragraphs. I don’t know if it’s
foreshadowing (Lord, I hope it is)

but I always thought that Clarke would make a great Commander, leading the
clans and rebuilding this
world that has gotten so completely off course. Is
there a world without
Clarke? Would The

be so bold to kill their lead?

Thoughts that are without a doubt swirling through our minds within the


Credit: The

Jaha and ALIE are in
Polis and they’re taking it over!

The most shocking part of the episode was probably when Emori was getting
cozy with her boyfriend
Murphy and later we find out that she’s been chipped
this whole time (yes,
even during sexy times… at least
that’s what I thought)
and she’s been working with Jaha to get intel on ALIE
2.0. That little bitch.
kill you! Murphy is dragged off to God knows where (save my boo, please!),

and even Ontari has hopped on the
City of Light bus. I had high hopes for her,
but like a few other people on
the show… perhaps she’s just not
leader material.

Now that
Polis is online, see what
I did
there? I made a bad internet pun! Will they kill everyone so that they
exist in the City of Light? Does
that mean once Clarke figures out a way to
go into the City of Light and
destroy ALIE 1.0 without getting all
that there will be a limited amount of grounders to come back
to? Maybe zero? My
mind is just
reeling and I have no clue what direction
The 100 will
go to during these next few episodes of the

P.S. Erica

Cerra looks good on that throne, but girl better not get too comfy– Clarke
her posse is coming for



  • Can the
    gang find Luna in time to save everyone from JALIE’s
    impending reign? Will she
    be a willing participant if they do find her?
  • I’m
    still pulling for Alycia Debnam-
    Carey to miraculously reprise a role on the
    show. Notice how I said ‘A’ role?
    former soap opera watching heart has no shame admitting that I want

    The 100 to pull an
    All My
    , and have
    Lexa’s twin sister
    come into the
    picture. If Bianca can love Maggie after Frankie’s death, then
    Clarke can do
    the same with someone who looks
    an awfully lot like Lexa. Haha. I
    joke, I keed. No, but really. I wouldn’t
    mind the unoriginal twin twist, so

    let’s make it happen, people.

  • Is everyone going to
    die in the finale of
    , can they do
    that? Also, is Clarke in danger? Lord help me, pass me
    some vodka and a human
    pillow to snuggle.
  • Bryan, Miller and Harper delivered
    some quirky, thrilling and damn right
    adorable moments during this episode.
    Thrilling Trio spinoff


Credit: The
  • Chelsey Reist’s scream broke my glasses,
    seriously girl, you owe me a
  • Bellamy, please prove

    me wrong and become the hero I
    know you can be.

  • RIP
    Sinclair, call me maybe?
  • “Seek Higher
    Things”… really? That’s
    the term
    you go for when talking about a phrase that meant something to Lexa.
    nope. I was thinking more like
    “Clarke” or “Love is Weakness” and y’all go
    with “Seek Higher Things?” Nope.
    Not buying it.
  • Where dafuq is Mama Griffin…. And
    will Kane make it out
    of next
    week’s bloodbath in Polis? I am worried for both of these character’s

    longevity and that just makes my heart
    hurt. Who cares about Pike. Really, is he
    still a character on this show?

  • WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN *slips a box of Tim Tams to
    The 100
    writers in
    hopes of getting some sort of

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