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‘The 100’ Recap ‘Wanheda: Part One’

This article contains
full spoilers of the

It’s been three months since

that alarming day at Mount Weather, where our unsung hero Clarke Griffin had
massacre hundreds of
people (young and old) in order to save her people. The Sky
People. Thanks
to Commander Lexa’s betrayal,
Clarke was faced with an impossible
task, and did what she had to do to stop
the bone marrow drilling. The
of our favorite dystopian series came back strong, with “Wanheda –
Part One,”
our well-written
but often flawed characters were thrown right back into the
action and the
folks over at The

wasted no time delving into what

we’ve missed during that extremely long hiatus. I should warn you, that this

episode covers a lot of
ground, we’re exploring new territory, new alliances,
and more importantly
figuring out what transpired for
the last few months since
“Blood Must Have Blood.”


return of The 100 was
a powerful one, to say the least. The Sky People
have gained control of
Mount Weather, but there is still an
uneasiness to not
only the truce between the grounders and the sky people.


Image: The

John Murphy found himself at the end of last season
blindly following
Jaha onto a remote island, and
deep inside a mysterious
bunker. While in this bunker he learned of the
world’s fate and how the nuclear

holocaust came about– well to some extent. We’re still not 100% sure on the

exact details… more to come
when we chat about A.L.I.E. The season opened with
Murphy in the bunker and
can we just talk about Richard
Harmon for a second? He
is such a treat to watch! The commitment to this
character is astounding.

Thoroughly impressed. Considering this is a character that probably
have made it past the first
few episodes, he has become quite the fan favorite.
The evolution of his
story is probably one I am most
intrigued by. So now,
Murphy’s trapped in this bunker, going a bit mad in
solitary. We see him
the video of A.L.I.E. making the decision to end the world based off
fact that there are too many people.
Oh really, A.L.I.E… too many people? No
kidding! But that doesn’t mean you
kill everyone. Baby steps, hon. We
see Murphy
repeating lines from the video, dancing around shirtless and
wasting wine
(clearly he’s
certifiable at this point) and in a moment of darkness he picks up
revolver (the one that the guy in the
video shot himself with) and goes to end
his life. In a moment of emotional
genius, Richard Harmon sent
chills up and
down my spine and I was thoroughly worried Murphy might
actually go through with
Luckily, he drops the gun only to be greeted with an unlock sound from the

bunker doors. He rushes outside
and follows a drone to a big white house where,
yep, you guessed it– Jaha
and A.L.I.E. are. This sets into
motion Murphy being
extremely pissed that Jaha left him in that bunker and
he collapses in his arms.
Murphy wakes up miraculously clean (not sure how that works… but I don’t

know how I feel about being bathed
while unconscious) but that’s besides the
point. Jaha speaks of the City of
Light and says that he would like
Murphy to go
on this journey with him. At this point, we’re not sure if Jaha
is insane,
delusional or a
little bit of both. A.L.I.E. seems to have brainwashed him, and
we’re at
that point where Jaha agrees with
A.L.I.E. and justified her genocide.


Camp Jaha has got a new name!
And thank the stars,
he’s a little batty right now, and shouldn’t be hailed as a leader at
point in time. The stories are
pretty far-removed from the rest of the
group, but I’m assuming it will come
to a peak as the season
progresses and the
storylines meld together. Kane and Abby are running the
show, Kabby– swoon!
pretty sure if Clarke wasn’t MIA, she would be the one calling the shots,

but alas she’s abandoned ship… the
drop ship that is. Abby seems to be the most
affected by Clarke’s unknown
whereabouts, but she’s got bigger
things to worry
about these days and really needs to focus on keeping things
running back at

Raven reminds Abby that
a doctor and the Chancellor and
she pretty much sucks at both jobs right
now. Ouch. I guess that’s what
happens when a mother has no one to
mother… she
clings on to the next best thing and in this case, Raven isn’t
on board. The
mechanic is
having issues with her leg and both her mind and body aren’t doing
so hot
post Finn’s death and dismissing
her feelings for Wick since things got
so bad at Mt. Weather last season. I
mean, how many explosions can
this girl be
in? Don’t answer that!


Probably the most
emotionally disturbed out of the

bunch, the once long-haired goggle wearing funny guy has lost his spark and
good reason. Watching
Maya die in his hands at Mount Weather was one of the most
moments of last season and her
death will undoubtedly have
lasting consequences for Jasper. It just proves
that falling in love after a

nuclear apocalypse is not ideal. Devon Bostick, who is now sporting a buzz-
was phenomenal in this
episode. His portrayal of Jasper had an intensity to it
that emphasized a
darkened path ahead for the often
lighter portion of the show.
Not sure we’ll get many smiles from drunk,
reckless Jasper this season. He even

went as far as to instigate members of the Ice Nation and land himself with
slit throat. Don’t worry,
he survived. That kid is unbreakable (for now). The
smirk on his face was
eerie and maddening, and freaked me
out a little.


Out of darkness comes… a car
sing-a-long! Okay,
this is going to be brief, but I
think this was a nice
addition to the episode. Sure, it was a bit jarring to
hear them rocking out to

Maya’s old iPod while out for a supply run– but it was refreshing and
the last time we’ll see
this gang happy….


Although we don’t
know too much about the Ice
Nation at this point,
we do know they are ruthless and they are not the clan
to screw with. There’s an

abundance of world-building in these episodes and we see people avoiding

different sectors while they
scavenge the land. When following a lead for Farm
Station, aka a beacon
device, the gang comes up against
members of the Ice
Nation, who have scars on their faces and wear white war
paint, and even though
Skaikru makes it known they observe the truce, Jasper kind of ruins it for

them. This lands the Ice Nation
warriors dead at the hands of the Sky People,
and trouble for the truce,


Image: The CW

Bellamy and Octavia seem to be the most adjusted since
the massacre at
Mount Weather, go figure, Octavia
has taken more of a grounder
role, which is proving problematic for all of
you Linctavia fans. Since Lincoln

has a kill order on him, he’s forced to mingle with the Sky people at
and has made the camp his
home. Bellamy seems to be taking on more
responsibility, entertaining
romance with a new gal named Gina, and
trying not
to take for granted the power he holds now that Clarke is AWOL.
I’m looking
forward to seeing
how the dynamic between Lincoln and Octavia develop and to see
the role
reversal a little. Lincoln has been
entrusted with the role of a an
Arker guard, even sporting a uniform and
Octavia seems disgusted by that and
truly embraced the Grounder code.. Bellamy is a whole other beast! I
foresee his
search for Clarke
landing him in dicey situations… but don’t quote me on it.




The woman of the
hour. Our often fearless leader not

only has run for the hills, but is being hunted. She seems to be holding her
in the wild, fighting
off and killing Jaguar’s despite her small stature. We
learned from the Ice
Nation that they were looking for
Wanheda, someone who
wields the power of death and can command it. If you
hadn’t guessed it, the

Commander of Death is Clarke, who did we mention is sporting some gnarly red

dreads these days. Wanheda
doesn’t seem to keen on living up to her mythic
proportion. Enter Niylah.

At a
Sector 7 trading post we meet Niylah, a grounder who seems
to have been doing
with Clarke since she went into hiding. After bounty hunters come
for Clarke, Niylah turns them away
revealing that she’s known all along
who her traveling guest was. I think
this new dynamic between Jessica
who plays Niylah and the ever-talented Eliza Taylor was the most
treat of this
episode. Despite being asked about the mountain, Clarke doesn’t
want to talk
but rather blow off some sexual
steam. I wasn’t sure if Clarke
would let her guard down while people are out
to kill her, but I guess she had

it under control. Pun intended. After waking up from a nightmare, Clarke
away from Niylah only to
get caught by Zach McGowan’s character…



I didn’t talk much
this but I did enjoy
Shawn Mendes on this episode, he sang a slowed down version
of the Violent
Femme’s “Add It Up” and although
his character Macallan got his
ass beat by an outraged Jasper, it still was
a nice addition.


Anyone else not too keen on
City of Light endgame it
seems they’re building up to? I just don’t know how I
feel about A.L.I.E.
possibly ending all humanity…
again… to make a better world.

Now that Clarke’s been caught,

where will they take her? Can Wanheda command death one last time and put
in his grave? Let’s hope

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