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‘The 100’ Recap ‘Hakeldama’

This article contains
full spoilers of the

you thought
The 100 couldn’t get any darker, more
twisted and insanely awesome, well
then you’d be mistaken. The sci fi series
returned this week with a beyond
night of reunions, reservations and almost retaliations. Now that Pike
has taken
a stand against the
grounders, Lexa has decided NOT to declare war on the sky
people, and
Bellamy has rejected Clarke’s plea to
join the right side, we’re
left with an uneasy feeling. Everything that
these characters have worked for

since season 1, regarding peace, and unity is obliterated in a blink of an
when this new Chancellor
is pinned. We did get much needed reunions by several
characters, including
Indra/Octavia, Bellamy/Clarke,
Clarke/Abby and Jaha and
his people… but is it enough to override the
destruction and utter

The episode was brilliant,
hit all the right emotions: like
anger, fear, remorse, regret, that
overwhelming feeling of doom. Yep. In the
best possible way. I honestly
know how these people continue to shock and awe me. Stop that, no
don’t, really.
Don’t. Ever. That
scene where we see 300 of Lexa’s soldiers slaine on the
battlefield… bone


He’s becoming a bigger threat

than we could have ever imagined. Keep in mind he just slaughtered the
who were sent to Arkadia
to protect them, all while they were sleeping. Can you
say coward? You can’t
even open fire on them in the
daylight where they have a
chance of seeing you coming. There’s definitely
hostility within the walls of

Arkadia and Kane and Abby are at the helm of it all, you see Pike taking a
and casting out the
grounders that they have been tending to in the medical wing
and when
Lincoln fights back saying that one of
the grounders is too weak to
walk… he’s forced in a cage with the rest of
the grounders behind the walls of

Arkadia. Pike just seems to be making these hasty decisions, striking fear
“his people” and taking
action without thinking about what this means for
everyone as a whole. It
gives me the sense that he wants
every single grounder
dead– that way no one will ever fight back. Bad move.


Okay, so we saw it
coming. Bellamy has made a poor decision to support
Pike’s xenophobic
agenda, and we’re all like REALLY BELL?
While many of the
fans, and critics will tell you that this was out of
character for our fallen
hero– I
would have to disagree with their reasoning. This has been a long time

coming, you just might have chosen to
turn a blind eye to the overall
development of the character. Let’s take a
brief step back and take into

consideration everything Bellamy has been through. From day one, he has had
fight his way to survive–
all he knows is violence. From shooting Jaha to get a
seat on the dropship
to protect his sister, to helping
Clarke pull the lever
that massacred Mount Weather, Bellamy is no stranger
to blunt force trauma. Now,

sure, this doesn’t excuse his choice to kill innocent people who are merely

trying to keep the peace, but
it does semi-warrant his erratic behavior. It’s a
fast-paced world when it
comes to The 100 and we
might not have as much
time to spend on things with so much else going

I post this question to you… wouldn’t you make
same decision if you’ve
been abandoned, beaten down, and lost almost everything
you ever loved?
Yeah. You totally would. Bob Morley
is delivering some grade A
acting this season and I think that this just
adds more layers to Bellamy. He’s

driven by something– and as the seasons progresses we’ll see which side he

really stands on. Until then…
buckle up, it’s Pike Jr. to the non-



Lexa sees this move as an act of war, and rightfully
She immediately goes to put
Wanheda on lockdown and when Clarke questions her
like “really? I’m being
held captive now” Lexa confirms
only to allow Clarke to
radio Kane so that she can sort things out and try
and get to the bottom of
I don’t know how calm I would be if I were in Lexa’s position, but she did
decent job, until she declared
war on the Sky crew. I think it took a lot for
her to continue to trust in
Clarke, even when Octavia showed
up in Kane’s place
and sat by Indra’s side as she lay there with a gunshot
wound. It was admirable
Lexa to let Clarke go into Arkadia and figure things out. Smart? Maybe not

in some peoples eyes– but
they’re trying to be better. Remember

I cannot believe she
decided that
Blood Must NOT Have Blood and to attempt a real peace between
the inhabitants of
Earth. But
with Pike on his rampage, I don’t know if this little hope will be
He seems hell bent on destroying
all grounders so I don’t think he’ll
stop until every last one is dead.

Not to mention, how will Lexa’s people react to her decision
NOT to fight
back? Indra
expresses concerns and says that they will not follow her… then
says that she will do what the
Commander asks. Makes me think that
will Azgeda being all wishy washy and
the other clans wavering, we might
some trouble in Polis as well.


was bound to happen sooner or later, and since Clarke seems
to be the only one
who can
talk some sense into Bellamy on this show it was worth a shot. After
pulled the old bait and switch
and gave her big brother an earful about
how disapproving she is of Bellamy
wiping out people who were sent
to protect
them– she leaves Clarke and Bellamy to sort things out. The two
had a lot of
things to work
through (probably 2 seasons worth of trauma) and it didn’t seem
to even
scrape the surface regarding what
Bell and Clarke have actually been
through and seen since they landed on

Clarke pleads her case saying that this isn’t
Bellamy and that they
need to get
things back on track. Screaming match ensues and we see a glimmer of
hope in
Bellamy’s eyes. Maybe, just
maybe, he’s going to help Clarke make things
right and take Pike out of the
equation. Nope. He just handcuffs
her to the
chair and plans to keep the great Wanheda captive. His plan is
derailed when
Octavia shows up
to knock out a guard and then Clarke tases Bellamy. Tough love,


Chancellor Jaha has
returned to
Camp–uhh… Arkadia, and I found it hilarious that he noticed that
the camp
name had been changed. The guy is
absent for how long? And you think
that everything is just going to stay the
same… mmmm nope. Thelonious is
and he’s on a mission: to save his people. We know how this ends, with
pushing his “happy
pills” on everyone and then we wind up in the City of Light
with no clue
what the heck is going on. I’m
actually surprised that Pike wasn’t
more threatened by Jaha. I guess the
fact that Pike, Kane Abby agree that
the former Chancellor is a little whacked out right now should worry
you. His
first order of
business? Get Raven to eat the chip.


Raven is still refusing help from Abby, the
mechanic is not too pleased
Abby and the fact that she won’t clear her for work. I’m no doctor, but I’m

pretty sure Raven shouldn’t be
overexerting herself when it comes to her
condition. I found it a little
troubling that by the end of the
episode, a girl
who was so hell bent on not taking help from anyone would
just go and take a
pill that
she had no idea what would do to her. Granted, Jaha is a predominately

respected member of the Ark and
perhaps Raven felt a connection to him… perhaps
she felt trapped and out of
options. I’m curious to see how
this plays out next
week. She’s feeling no pain (or her brain is telling her
she’s not) but this
end well. Will she start campaigning for Jaha’s new wonder drug? p.s. how

about that song playing after she
took the chip… pretty badass.


The preview
for next week is both exciting and chilling. Will this
new route Lexa is
going down be perceived well by her
coalition? Can she
convince them to follow her lead and not retaliate…

Oh and did you see the sacred symbol the grounders
almost immediately after pulling
it off the ground from Murphy’s
clothes. How do they know about A.L.I.E.’s
symbol and is anyone else feeling

super uneasy that the grounders and this big bad are connected.

Another thing to note, Pike
mentioned ‘sacred’ and ‘creation’ in his
speech… is he somehow connected to

A.L.I.E. too? Who knows, when they landed in Ice Nation, maybe the A.I.
them a deal they couldn’t

Send help, I can’t
breathe. Too much happening and my
brain cannot fully


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