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‘The 100’ Recap ‘Terms and Conditions’

Published on March 11th, 2016 | Updated on March 11th, 2016 | By FanFest

I’ll be honest, there was a
bit of a disconnect for me this week.
Does anyone give a damn about what’s
happening in Arkadia right now? To
be fair,
we’re coming off of a devastating death from last week, where we
spent an entire
episode in
Polis learning about Grounder politics and Alie’s origin story and
frankly I’m still not over losing
Lexa. The whole uprising in Arkadia has
been wobbly, at best. And I
reluctantly sit here struggling to care
about the
motivations of Pike, Bellamy and even Monty. Don’t get me wrong, I
see what the
writers are
trying to do… in a world where everyone around you is a potential
why wouldn’t some be presented to
you within your own walls? It’s a
great concept, but viewers are left with
an unhealthy amount of questions
as to
WHY. When you leave your audience begging for answers, and you’re
having to defend the
actions of your characters outside of the show– there
might be a road block
you should clear, and

My understanding of the
writer’s intentions, however, doesn’t
make up for the fact that
everything is
happening a tad bit too fast. Blame production, blame actor
schedules, blame
Monty’s mom
(she’s the worst, right?), blame someone, somewhere, doing
something… but I
feel like I’m on the Pauna’s back
flailing through the jungle
with no way of getting off safely. Yes, this is
the world of The 100, and

yes, things move quickly– but I can’t help but think adding a few more
in this season to
explore why Pike is such a dick and Bellamy is going along
with it would
rectify many of the problems
plaguing this otherwise amazing
series. With the mind boggling comes the
good, all the things the episode did
right: like showing all the different factions within Arkadia, the fight
Raven Reyes (my
Queen) and Kane’s beard. I mean, come on. It’s dreamy, isn’t it?
Let’s dive
right in…

Nod to Polis?

We start this episode
with the blockade taking into
effect. Two
scout grounders show up on Arkadia’s door step and they ain’t
looking for
sugar. Today’s
main ingredient: Blood. And boy do they deliver. They relay a
simple message
to the Skaikru, give up Pike and
they’ll totes spare the lives of
everyone in the camp. This feels very
season 2… when Finn’s head was on the

chopping block for his sins– except this time we’re all shouting at the TV

“turn Pike over already!”
because we have no emotional attachment to this man
whatsoever. While I
appreciate a subtle nod/tie in to
Polis and the Commander’s
order to surround Arkadia– it just made me miss
the candle-ridden city and

everyone in it. To make matters worse, the grounders drop bloody uniforms at

Bellamy and Pike’s feet
saying that everyone else would meet their same fate if
they dare cross the
blockade without handing over
their d-bag of a leader. Let’s
just say Bellamy wasn’t having any of it, and
without using that thing inside
his skull, he shoots the two grounders down off their horses and our body
in the first two
minutes is already at four.

Kane Struggles to Gain


Credit: The CW

Over the

course of this season we
have seen our beloved bearded man attempt to take
control of the situation
in Arkadia. From losing the
election to Pike and his
goons, to being stripped of his title in the guard,
it’s been a rough month or

two for this former Chancellor. In “Terms and Conditions” he struggled to
his plan into motion to
overthrow the new powers that be and boy did it
backfire. In an attempt to
stop Pike from doing more bad
deeds, Kane gets
himself caught and sentenced to death. Let me backtrack for
a hot second. Team
Kane has
been plotting against and spying on Team Pike for quite some time now,
now they know about it. They’ve
found the bug left not so subtly under
Pike’s desk (they might as well have
hidden it on his forehead) and
plan a
counterattack to weed out those who aren’t loyal to Pike and his
cause. Please
don’t kill Harper.
Or Miller. No, really. Don’t.

Kane enlists the help of
Sinclair, who
gets caught. And we’re all like,
are you kidding me? You guys are
the worst at this whole uprising thing!
But, turns out they wanted to get

caught! With Sinclair behind bars, he’s able to communicate with Lincoln
he’s still on the show…
for now) and their plan to bring down the guards is a
go. Meanwhile on the
other side of Arkadia, Kane zaps
Pike, zip ties him in the
back of the rover and drives him off into the
sunset– I mean, to the grounders.

Yeah, to the grounders. Too bad Monty (I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU, WE ALL WERE

Kane’s plan and tells Bellamy that it was merely
distraction– he shows up,
gun in hand at the gate in
Arkadia and Kane is faced
with whether or not to run over Bellamy and his
disobedient ass. Like I tweeted

last night, Kane should have plowed right through him– this is The

logic, getting hit by a
rover won’t kill you, but getting shot in the gut will.
Oooh, too soon?
Sorry, still dealing with my fifty
shades of grief over

Bellamy and Monty Are on the Wrong

These two are literally the worst. I can’t
my disappointment with
these two characters right now, especially Monty. It’s
nice to see
Christopher Larkin getting some more
screen time, but if anyone is
out of character this season it’s probably
him. I understand that he’s got his

mom back now, he wants to be on the same side as her, to right the wrongs of
past and make a better
future– but is this really the best way to do it? Betray
your friends and
hand over people, who have tried
to keep you safe since you
landed on Earth, to a deranged dictator? Family
means everything to Monty, but I

hoped he’d be smarter than that and would actually formulate his own opinion

instead of being pressured
into adopting mommy dearests thoughts. I had hopes
that he was a double
agent… working for Kane and playing
Pike– but,
unfortunately I don’t think that’s the case here. Would have
been nice

Blake. What to say about this guy? Well, you know my
feelings about Bob
Morley– he is such a talented human
being and even though
his arc this season is questionable he is doing a
great job acting the crap out
these infuriating scenes. I still grapple with the idea of WHY Bellamy is

pro-Pike, and stand by my
recommendation that we needed a little more time to
get to know Farm
Station, its leader and what they had
been through since they
landed on Earth in order for us to truly care about
his reasoning for flat out

mass murder.

Despite my issues with Bellamy, I see redemption in his

eyes. He’s wavering on his
decisions now, more than ever– but is it too little
too late? It’s a shame
that it’s taking Kane’s pending
death to realize he’s
been a complete and total tool. Like, why now? Why
does Bellamy give a damn
Kane or any of the people involved in this uprising. The fact that he and

Monty lied to Hannah about anyone
else being involved (save my babies Harper and
Miller) is giving me a bit of
whiplash. To go from killing
grounders and foiling
Kane’s plan to stage a coup, to caring about what
happens to the guy, was too
floppy to me and it should concern you too. How can we trust Bellamy and
loyalties if he can’t even make
up his mind whether to continue going along
with this plan or gain a
conscience. You should probably figure
out why you’re
fighting this war, before you fight it– ya know? It might
seem like I’m just a
Nancy about this whole storyline, but that’s simply not true. I want
story arc to flourish, but in order
to do that I need to blow some holes in
this plot and really get to the
bottom of WHY he’s doing the things
he’s doing
and IF he can come back from this. I know many of you want Clarke
to ride in on
her horse and
save the day, talk some sense into her friend… but, I would much
rather see
Bellamy come to this conclusion
on his own. HIS moral compass is in
question, and if it takes someone else
to make him see his wrongdoings
what’s the point? His journey is being dictated by yet another

and Bryan are at Odds

and Bryan love each
other. They are boyfriends. They kissed and people (at home)
cheered. But,
for the love of all that is holy
please wait at least 7-10
episodes before you decide to kill off one of
these guys. We’d rather you not–

but if you absolutely have to, please proceed with caution. But seriously,
anyone both moved and
terrified for the fate of this couple? I know, the show
isn’t about romantic
relationships, but when two
lovers are on opposite sides of
the war (as we’ve seen before) I can’t help
but be pessimistic for their
I was elated to see the show exploring this relationship (although
not too
deeply, yet) but was
mortified to find that Bryan would betray the trust of his
(I’m assuming
longtime) boyfriend to counteract
the uprising against Pike. I
think moving forward this is going to seriously
drive a wedge in their

relationship, which, hurts my queer little heart. I like the conflict
– but, would have liked
to see Bryan question his orders a little more before he
just blindly
betrayed him. Will there ever be a
happy ending for any couple on
the show? Or are they all doomed? Most likely
the latter. All in all, I’m

worried. Nail biting, chain smoking worried, that Miller will end up dead at
hands of Pike– someone
hold me.

Raven Tries to Remember

Credit: The CW

Alie is

trying to get Raven to steal
the chip maker that currently resides in Chancellor
Pike’s office and after
enlisting the help of Jasper to
break into said office,
she stumbles upon the fact that she can no longer
remember Finn. Or her first

kiss with him. To be honest, I can no longer remember Finn either– where is

Thomas McDonnell anyways?
His tweets lead me to believe he’s been overtaken by a
pod person, or a 15
year old girl. But, the fact is–
Finn is a distant memory
for many of us and Raven coming to the realization
that hey, I can’t remember

this man that I used to love, is a definite pivotal moment on the road to

destroying Alie. We learn from
the bitch in the red dress herself that she
cannot override free will (which
really puts those previews of
Raven banging her
head against a wall into perspective). Let’s hope Raven
continues to fight
Alie’s side
effects and gets this nanotech out of her system once and for


Lindsey Morgan is probably one of
the most underrated actors on the
show and her character doesn’t get enough
praise. She’s a badass Zero-G

mechanic, who has survived heartbreak, a bullet to the spine and she’ll
Alie’s hold on her as

Jasper’s Ready to Forget

Credit: The


It’s no surprise that our cinnamon roll is ready to hop
the crazy train to the
City of Light. Although, after last week I’m ready to
take Jaha’s chip and
see my girl Lexa again. For anyone
who feels the same,
Isaiah Washington has been tweeting the most hilarious
and salty things to the
of The 100 still in mourning and will willingly give you a virtual

key to our favorite non-corporeal
destination. So run on over there and tell him
McKenzie sent you. But, back
to Jasper– he’s got so much pain
under that
adorable exterior and seeing Raven at ease has definitely
solidified his stance
on joining
Team A.L.I.E.

Devon Bostick is another actor who had gone
above and
beyond this season, he plays the
disorderly and broken drunk, oh so
well. But, will forgetting Maya really be
the best thing for him? I guess
find out…

Pike Has to Go

Credit: The CW

This section
is going to
be scarce, because that’s how I
want Michael Beach’s character to be
on my screen right now. Although Beach
nails the bad guy persona and is
absolute dream to watch, dude’s gotta go. I hoped Kane would end all of
misery and just zap the
guy to death, but that would be too easy… right? I only
wish I cared deeper
for this character and what he’s
been through. Chalk it up
to not enough time or lack of character
development but, it’s the truth. I don’t

understand him. Quite frankly, I don’t want to understand him. But, his
in Arkadia is
jeopardizing everyone’s future. If I had gotten to know him better
before he
instituted his “everyone who is
against us dies” mentality then maybe
I would feel differently. He just has
to go.


effort! Again, “Thirteen” was a terribly hard episode
to follow. I don’t think

anyone was prepared to deal with anything but the aftermath of Lexa’s death
soon– but, they did a
good job luring us in with Kane’s dad beard.

GRIFFIN. I understand she’s locked in
the tower in Polis crying over
her boo and all, but not having Eliza Taylor
on my screen this week was

unbearable. Let’s hope her absence means she’s getting a much needed


Who’s ready to
see Octavia beat
Bellamy’s ass? Me! Me! Me!

volunteer as tribute to
kill Monty’s mom. She probably killed his dad,
anyways. She is the worst after

all. Oh, and while we’re at it I’ll take out Pike since no one can pick up a

damn knife and slit his
throat like a proper savage. I will also give Miller’s
boyfriend Bryan a
stern talking to. You’re

P.S. Where was Abby
this episode? I found it hard to believe
that she would be nowhere to be
during this whole ordeal. Can we stop making our characters disappear,
isn’t The X-

bad as
that time we had to wait a whole
year for the new season to return. Yeah,
that happened.

How is
everyone else feeling? Still ‘meh’
about the events
of last night. Let me know.

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