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‘Teen Wolf’ Recap ‘Raw Talent’

Teen Wolf Recap ‘Raw Talent’

Oh, hi, Theo. Long time no see. Theo has been on the road, sleeping in his car the past couple of months, getting caught by cops and forced to move on. He eventually finds his way back to Beacon Hills. One night, a spider gets into the car, bites him, and crawls underneath his skin. Theo breaks into a clinic and stabs himself in the back with a scalpel, catching the moving spider. It flails for a little bit before disintegrating in a puff of smoke. Not good. Theo is about to call Scott when a flashlight is trained on him. He thinks it’s just a cop, but there are more. The group open fire on the car, and I’m fairly certain that’s the last we’ll see of Theo.

After finding the body of the Hellhound, Scott runs through the woods trying to find the killer, but instead comes across a police squad. In the dark, they don’t recognize each other and Scott loses control, attacking Sheriff Stilinski. Noah calms Scott down and then he and Parrish try to convince the others that they didn’t just see a werewolf. Scott takes Noah and Parrish to the body of the Hellhound and Parrish doesn’t like that there is actually a way to kill his kind. Noah asks if there’s anything else to the crime scene, but Scott keeps the knowledge of the Argent connection a secret.

Instead, he and Malia search for Chris themselves, eventually tracking him down to a sting operation. Chris isn’t thrilled that there is possibly a new group of Hunters in town.

Meanwhile, Lydia and Parrish try to make more sense out of her vision. Lydia soon realizes that one of the sounds she heard was of a key card being swiped at a door. The only place she ever heard this was at Eichen House. Parrish tells Lydia to stay behind while he goes and investigates. He learns from Dr. Fenris that the Hellhound has been there since the 20s, when the facility was built. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know the identity of this big bad creature that the Hellhound was supposed to stop. Parrish starts hearing a voice and goes deep into Eichen where he finds a bunch of dead people in the shower. One woman is still alive, but she is a distraction. Parrish is knocked out by Fenris. When he awakens, he is in the cell the other Hellhound used to occupy and Fenris says that they shouldn’t be keeping the supernatural locked up, they should be killing them. He turns on the cold and subdues the deputy.

Lydia starts hearing a voice over a radio in the police station and she realizes it is Parrish. He is trapped in Eichen House. Lydia faces her fears and goes inside. She overcomes her anxiety at being back and saves Parrish’s life as Fenris had a gun to the deputy’s head.

Liam is still having anger issues. At practice, he and Brett square off, and Brett is making Liam look like a rookie. Liam gets angry and doesn’t hold back against his opponent. He starts scoring goals with so much force, the ball breaks through the net. One of the balls is found by the new guidance counselor and killer, Tamora Monroe. There are puncture marks in the ball and when she looks up, she see Brett make a goal that has a lot of force behind it. Looks like she’s found her latest victim.

After practice, Tamora confronts Brett and poisons him with wolfsbane before attacking him. Brett manages to get away and she gives chase. They find themselves in the woods and Brett gets the upper hand. He is about to kill her when he is shot by an arrow. Brett flees the scene.

And how is Tamora’s savior? None other than Gerard Argent. And he’s recruiting.

No answer to who the big bad is, but the fact that Gerard is back isn’t good. Looks like before the series is over we’re going to have another showdown between father and son.

Let’s talk about the spiders (even though I’d rather not). They are nasty, but what’s their purpose? I thought for a second in the beginning that Theo might have a rage freak-out or something as a result of having one in his body, but he cut it out before we really got any insight. I originally thought that they take over a person’s body, and maybe they do. They work off of someone’s fear and then when all that’s gone, they leave the host to die. I do think that the big bad’s presence in general is heightening everyone’s emotions. Scott addresses that what the people of Beacon Hills fear is the supernatural. And with Gerard building a new army, the normal people can finally fight back.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘After Images.’