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‘Teen Wolf’ Season 6A Recap

Published on July 27th, 2017 | Updated on July 27th, 2017 | By FanFest

Teen Wolf Season 6A Recap

Last time on Teen Wolf

The Wild Hunt appeared in Beacon Hills and quickly started wiping people from existence. Stiles was one of the first to go, but Team Wolf had such a deep connection to him that they felt as though something was wrong, that something was missing. It became a race against time as Team Wolf searched for a way to save Stiles and all of Beacon Hills from the Wild Hunt.

But they faced opposition. A new teacher arrived, and of course, he was a Nazi werewolf. One of the final experiments by the Dread Doctors, Douglas was the one in the green tank that escaped in the season 5 finale. He teamed up with the Dread Doctors in order to gain control of the Wild Hunt. With them at his back, he would be unstoppable. Of course, the Dread Doctors made him into one of their experiments. Once freed, he uses Team Wolf to get more information on how to stop the Riders. Then he starts his plan to take over the entire Hunt.

Stiles spends the season trapped in a train station. This is where people that have been wiped from existence end up. Most of them just accept what is going on around them and don’t question it. Not Stiles. He manages to recognize something is wrong. Stiles teams up with Peter Hale to get back to Beacon Hills and stop the Hunt from taking the entire town.

Team Wolf manages to get Stiles back and together, they stop Douglas and the Hunt. Now that Beacon Hills is saved, the senior members of the team can focus on graduation and what they are going to do after. Scott realizes throughout the season that he needs to prepare Beacon Hills for his departure. Liam, Hayden, and Mason are given more responsibility (though they screw-up most of the time, but when did anything ever go according to plan for Scott and Stiles?) and slowly prove that they can manage once Scott leaves.

The first ten episodes really delivered in the emotional department and proved just how integral Stiles is to the team. Not that anyone really doubted that, but there was a massive void when he disappeared. His reunion with Scott and (especially) Lydia really pulled on your heartstrings. I don’t think that I’m emotionally prepared for the final ten episodes of the series.

Teen Wolf returns Sunday, July 30, on MTV.


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