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‘Teen Wolf’ Recap ‘Triggers’

Published on September 4th, 2017 | Updated on September 5th, 2017 | By FanFest

Teen Wolf Recap ‘Triggers’

Team Wolf didn’t leave Beacon Hills like they were supposed to and are now trying to figure out their next move against Gerard. Tensions are rising and if seen, Team Wolf will be killed. Chris tells Scott that Gerard has a massive armory, so their first play will be to steal all the ammunition. Liam and Theo draw the hunters away from the armory, making them believe that Team Wolf has been hiding out in an abandoned zoo.

The hunters take the bait, allowing Scott, Malia, Lydia, and Chris to sneak into the armory. However, Liam starts losing his cool at the sight of Nolan. He and Theo get into a fight, Theo trying to calm down his friend. He then tries to figure out why Liam can’t keep his anger in check. He believes that the two-faced Anuk Ite is amplifying Liam’s fear, but that doesn’t necessarily explain why that’s making him so angry. They end up face-to-face with Nolan and Liam almost kills him. Theo gets in the way and knocks both Nolan and Liam out.

Back at the armory, Lydia and Chris position themselves in the security room so they have control of the cameras while Scott and Malia go after the ammo. Unfortunately, Gerard knew that they would make this play. Everything had already been cleaned out. Scott goes into a back room and discovers that the hunters killed Zhang and Tierney. He also finds a map on the wall with a bunch of red dots across the world. They accidentally trigger the security system in the room and are trapped inside. And there’s laser beams everywhere.

Lydia keeps hearing gunshots, but Chris can’t hear a thing (Uh-oh). Chris desperately tries to figure out a way to get the door to the armory open. He does manage to warn Scott and Malia not to break the beams. Doing so will cause all of the air in the room to be sucked out. Werewolves still need air to breathe. Scott and Malia try and maneuver around the beams, ending up on top of each other at the top of one of the gun racks. Malia looks around and sees a hatch on the ceiling that could be there way out. She gets up to it, but, naturally, it’s locked. She breaks the lock. It looks like they’re home free when the falling lock breaks one of the beams. All the air is sucked from the room.

The hunters have returned. Chris and Lydia run to the armory to save Scott and Malia. The only way to get the door open is for Lydia to unleash her banshee scream. She does so and barely saves Scott and Malia. They escape the armory.

Meanwhile, Tamora is mad at Gerard for letting them slip away. Gerard goes to his secret room and notices that his map is gone. He reassures Tamora that Team Wolf won’t figure out what the map means and that his plan will still work. Gerard is determined to kill one of Scott’s beta in front of him before killing Scott. This would ultimately bring the entire pack to its knees.

At the McCall household, Scott, Malia, Lydia, Mason, Chris, and Melissa are examining the map when Chris discovers what it shows. The red dots are other Nemetons. This means that Gerard will take his army on the road, traveling the world to eliminate all supernatural threats. That isn’t good. Rafael shows up and tells Scott that all of Gerard’s guns have been legally distributed to the citizens of Beacon Hills. Then, someone opens fire on the house. The gunfire stops and all we know about the aftermath is someone’s bloody hand reaching out to Scott.

Who got shot?! The last time we saw everybody, Malia and Scott were together, with her protecting him with her body. Chris was protecting Melissa. Lydia, Mason, and Rafael were on their own. The two most likely choices are Melissa and Rafael. Both would be a major blow to Scott, and to Chris. Melissa’s death would have a far greater impact than Rafael’s, on the characters and the audience. I really hope it’s not her though.

So Gerard’s master plan is to travel to each Nemeton and snuff out the supernatural life. Since the Nemeton acts as a crossroads, there will be a bunch of targets for the hunters. Team Wolf is in for quite a fight if they’re going to save Beacon Hills and put an end to Gerard’s army.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Werewolves of London.’

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