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‘Teen Wolf’ Recap ‘After Images’

Teen Wolf Recap ‘After Images’

On this week’s episode of Teen Wolf, Brett is on the run after having a run-in with Tamora, our new Hunter, but now she’s isn’t so alone. Gerard Argent has returned to Beacon Hills and he is recruiting an army. He teaches Tamora the ways to take down a pack as they pursue Brett. Meanwhile, Brett’s sister, Lori, goes to Scott and Malia, begging for their help. They grab Liam and head into the woods.

Mason has been having a hard time getting the image of a faceless body out of his head, and he confides in Corey and Lydia. She uses the technique from the first half of the season of recalling suppressed memories and writes down the number 68 in several different languages. Unfortunately, that’s not much of a clue. Lydia leaves the boys in the library to do research as she roams the halls, returning to where she has her first vision.

While in the library, Mason and Corey are approached by Nolan, who starts asking them questions about evolution and change. Their conversation ends when Nolan stabs Corey through the hand with his pen. Naturally, the wound heals instantly, and Nolan has proven his point that Corey is different. He goes running out of the library and comes across Lydia, who realizes that he is wearing the #68 lacrosse jersey. She tries to ask him questions, but he determines that she is also supernatural and runs away.

Scott and company track Brett into the bunker, but Tamora and Gerard are already there. Lori springs a trap and Scott pushes her out of the way, taking the spear. He and Malia stay behind as Liam and Lori continue. Scott is having difficulty recovering, and Malia isn’t able to take the pain away from him. Malia scolds Scott for not calling Stiles and getting his help, but Scott still thinks they made the right choice in not involving him. He then makes a comment about Stiles being okay with them, and Malia is confused by what is happening in the conversation. Scott passes out and Malia begs him to regain consciousness. Suddenly, she is able to take his pain away.

At the hospital, Melissa is trying to run some tests on the faceless victim, but whenever she gets close, her fear spikes and it appears that things in the room are moving. She calls in Chris, and even he is afraid, which is bad news. They finally manage to overcome their fear enough to get a tissue sample, but when Melissa runs a test, it comes back with no trace of DNA. That’s really not good.

Underground, Gerard coaches Tamora to be patient and not just take out one wolf. She needs to be logical, and by doing so, she could get rid of an entire pack. They set a series of traps that they trigger once Lori and Liam finally find the poisoned Brett. The three of them are on their way back to where they left Scott and Malia when Gerard triggers the mechanisms they planted. The lights and sound dampen wolves abilities. Liam gets separated from the other two and realizes too late what the Hunters were planning.

Lori and Brett come out of a sewer grate into the middle of the road when they are hit by a car. Brett, already weak from the poison, doesn’t have anything left in him and Lori can’t take the pain away. He dies. Liam comes up next to them and loses control, transforming. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people around. The driver that struck the siblings gets out of the car and makes eye contact with Gerard and Tamora who are standing off to the side. Gerard had orchestrated the whole thing. He didn’t want to kill any of the wolves underground because his goal is to turn the town against the supernatural.

A lot happened this episode, but still no idea who the big, nasty bad is. Fear is definitely the key and I almost think that Gerard might be possessed or something. I don’t quite remember his departure in season five, but I didn’t think he had this much hatred for the supernatural. His emotions may just be amplified by whatever was released from the Ghost Riders.

Poor Brett. We hardly knew you. I’m wondering how Scott is going to react to Brett’s death. Liam is angry, that’s for sure, and he might even blame himself, which will lead to him not wanting to become the leader. Again, whatever is out there is heightening emotions and it’s definitely working to send Liam into a rage.

Nolan sure is causing some problems, but how is he connected to the whole thing? Though his jersey is 68, he still may not be the subject of Lydia’s scribblings. He is responsible for outing Corey to the school though. He has to be connected to all of this somehow. Hopefully next week we’ll get more answers.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Face-to-Faceless.’