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‘Teen Wolf’ Recap ‘Memory Lost’

Published on November 16th, 2016 | Updated on November 16th, 2016 | By FanFest

Teen Wolf Recap ‘Memory Lost’

In the season six premier of Teen Wolf, Liam and Hayden are stranded on the side of a road because Liam refuses to get a new car. Suddenly, another vehicle rolls up to a stop next them and there doesn’t appear to be anyone inside. Liam checks the car and finds a boy hiding in the back seat. They take him to the station.

Stiles and Scott were trying to help the police stop who they thought was a robber, but just end up causing a lot of damage to the man’s car. Sheriff Stilinski sends them away. They contemplate the future and if Beacon Hills even needs them anymore. Stiles then gets a call from papa, saying that they are needed at the station. Scott uses his wolfy abilities to access the memory of the boy Liam and Hayden found, Alex, because he can’t remember what happened to his parents. Scott witnesses a man on horseback shooting a bullet through the windshield, then dragging Alex’s parents out. Stilinski says that if it is just a normal man on horseback and in now way supernatural, the police can handle it.

Scott and Stiles go to the compound and examine the car. When it came up on the road to Liam and Hayden, it was in perfect condition, but now, the windshield is destroyed. They believe that the attack was of the supernatural kind because a bullet wouldn’t normally shatter a windshield like that. Scott then finds a shard of green glass.

The next day, Team Wolf is just trying to go about their day, but nothing ever goes normal for them. Liam, Hayden, Mason, and Corey are in class (and we welcome a new teacher) when they realize that their phone compasses are being screwy and not pointing north. They steal the teacher’s compass and decide to follow it.

Meanwhile, Scott and Stiles are trying to wait until the end of the school day before they can go investigate because Scott missed too many classes last semester and it was only by the grace of Mrs. Martin that he is even still in school. They are fidgety, but make it to the end of the day. As Lydia is leaving the last class, she has a vision that doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense and ends when she gets struck by lightning. She comes out of the vision and is just standing in the classroom.

Scott and Stiles get to Alex’s home and find it completely empty. They wander the house and eventually go upstairs where they find Alex’s room. It looks normal. Scott goes back downstairs while Stiles looks around the room. He notices that Alex is alone in all of the photos, even one that is in a frame reading “Best Dad.” Stiles is checking under the bed when he sees a horse’s hoof. He looks up and nothing is there. Stiles goes into the hallway and is greeted by a man in shadows. He fires his gun at Stiles (there’s a green light discharge from the muzzle), but misses. He then vanishes. Downstairs, Scott runs into the younger members of the pack who followed the compass to the house. They go upstairs when they hear a noise and find Stiles alone. They open the door to Alex’s room and it is completely empty.

Stiles talks to Lydia about what he saw when she has another vision, but this one is different. She recites lyrics and Stiles recognizes it as being “Riders on the Storm.” They then remember the myth of the Hunt. Stiles realizes that the man on horseback is going to go back for Alex. He and Scott take off for the station. When they arrive, Alex is gone and nobody remembers him.

At school, Liam, Hayden, and Mason are leaving their after school practices when Liam gets a whiff of blood. They try and track the location, but it seems to be moving. They then realize that the smell is coming through the air vents. Inside a utility closet, they find a dead body.

Scott and Stiles rush to the school when they learn of the dead body. Stiles needs to find his dad and see if he remembers Alex. Scott is worried about the rest of his pack, so he and Stiles decide to split up. He is about to tell Stiles something, but stops, saying he’ll tell him later. Stiles rushes off to find his dad, but is stopped by Mrs. Martin, who has no idea who he is. He then meets up with Liam, Hayden, and Mason, and they too do not know who he is. Lastly, Stiles comes to his dad, who doesn’t remember him either. Stiles pulls out his phone and calls Scott. He asks him if he’s okay. Scott answers “yes,” then asks who eh is speaking to.

Stiles runs out of the school and comes across Lydia, who knows who he is. She tells him that he saw the Hunt so they are coming for him. He tells Lydia that she cannot look at them or she will be next. They try and run from the huntsman, but they are soon surrounded by several men on horseback. Stiles and Lydia make it to the Jeep and Stiles is about to drive away when he stops. He turns to Lydia and tells her to remember him. She saved his life. As Stiles tells her that he loves her, he is dragged from the car. Lydia sits there, paralyzed, telling herself to remember.

At school the next day, Lydia is in a sort of daze. Scott asks her what’s wrong and she responds that she feels like there was something she was supposed to do.

This season is going to be the death of the Teen Wolf fandom. Way to start off with a bang and punch to the gut. I knew that Stiles was going to be erased from existence, but I was not expecting it to happen in the first episode. This was quite the way to kick off a final season. I can’t wait to see what else is in store and know that it is going to be an emotional ride.

Next week’s episode is entitled, ‘Superposition.’

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