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‘Teen Wolf’ Recap ‘Sundowning’

Published on December 1st, 2016 | Updated on December 1st, 2016 | By FanFest

Teen Wolf Recap ‘Sundowning’

Remember last season when the Dread Doctors had one last experiment who was in a tube of glowing green liquid? A so-called “Nazi Werewolf”? That thing managed to get out in the season finale and we never heard anything more about it. Until now that is. Our new teacher, Mr. Douglas, starts having a coughing fit in the middle of class and begins having flashbacks to the Dread Doctor’s lab as the creature breaks free. The werewolf is gross and definitely not human, oozing green goo. It was disgusting. The thing starts shedding its skin to reveal that there is a human underneath it, and it’s Douglas. His eyes then glow red. In the classroom, he heads for a closet and starts breathing helium in order to stop the fit. Weird.

Another student has been taken, but this time, she is remembered by her sister, Gwen. Gwen has been asking everyone if they know her sister and everybody just thinks she’s crazy. Hayden tries to talk to her and tell her the truth about the Ghost Riders, but Gwen thinks it’s just a joke. Team Wolf knows that Gwen will be the next target and Scott places Liam in charge of keeping her safe.

Scott, Lydia, and Malia are busy investigating the word “Stiles.” Malia is having some problems remaining human and Sheriff Stilinski ends up at the school after Malia turns into a coyote. They then mention “Stiles” to him and he says that it is a family nickname. At the Stilinski home, Scott asks who has that nickname and the sheriff says his father, who is in a nursing home. He forbids them to talk to him, but naturally, they don’t listen. Lydia has another vision of a woman accompanied by the roar of a train. The woman repeats, “The following stops have been cancelled.”

Chris Argent is back in town to investigate the school murder. He enlists Melissa in order to help him examine the body. They look and he says that the man’s head wasn’t struck by something. This is a bite mark. He says that this is the second victim of some type of werewolf. They wonder why the skull would be broken open if nothing was taken. Upon further investigation though, they realize that there is indeed something missing. It is a part of the brain that is most commonly believed to house the soul. In the final scene of the episode, we see Douglas claim his third victim, pull out the pea-sized “soul,” and eat it. Gross.

In order to protect Gwen, Liam decides to throw a party at Scott’s house. They line all the doors with Mountain Ash, hoping that it will keep her safe. It doesn’t. One of the Riders appears and chases her downstairs. Corey acts fast, vanishing and telling the others where the Rider is. But then he kind of makes a stupid mistake and grabs the Rider, making them both visible. Now everyone at the party is at risk. Liam and Corey try to hold off the Rider, whose whip is able to break apart the Mountain Ash barrier. Parrish arrives and shoots at the Rider until it finally vanishes. They managed to save Gwen, but now they are all in danger.

Scott, Lydia, and Malia break into the nursing home to visit Grandpa Stiles. He has dementia and believes Scott is his son. They don’t get much out of him, but then the sun goes down and he starts having hysterics (sundowning). Lydia is able to calm him down by giving him math equations to focus on. They slowly start to get him talking, but Sheriff Stilinski appears. He kicks them out of the nursing home, and they are in big trouble for breaking in. Malia is facing a criminal charge as she knocked out the nurse at the front desk. Luckily, they are released with a warning. Grandpa Stiles yells at his son (and we find out his name is Noah; only took 6 seasons) to go back to his dead wife and no-good son. So someone does remember…

Scott and the sheriff share a nice scene together where they are cleaning up after the party Liam threw. Why Liam didn’t stick around to help, I don’t know. Noah admits to Scott that the reason he didn’t want them to go and see is father is because he was abusive. He shows Scott a wound he got while trying to protect his mother. Noah then asks Scott if he has ever had a dream that felt like it was real. He then talks about one that he keeps having where he is in bed with Claudia when they were in college and discussing the future. Noah says that if they were to have a son, he wants him to be named after Claudia’s father. She asks why anyone would ever want that name, and his response is that he will grow up to be a great father just like hers. She agrees and then Noah says that no matter what they name him, he would probably just be called Stiles anyway.

We are closer to having them figure out who Stiles is, but I’m sure there’s still a lot of mystery surrounding that, like why Lydia wrote “mischief” to make up his name. Also, who are all these people she keeps seeing and what’s with the train? Things are about to get even crazier, as usual, because now there are a whole lot of people on the Rider’s list. Corey seems to be the catalyst this season as he can see and make the Riders visible. If I were them, I would take him out the equation really quickly.

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