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‘Teen Wolf’ Recap ‘Superposition’

Published on November 25th, 2016 | Updated on November 26th, 2016 | By FanFest

Teen Wolf Recap ‘Superposition’

The Ghost Riders have arrived in Beacon Hills and they aren’t done taking people yet. I also only thought that there would be five or six, but there are a lot of Riders.

Mason and Corey and working late in the lab. Corey is in the hallway when he hears a noise and goes invisible. That’s when he can see one of the Riders. He follows him to the library where there are two suspending a boy in midair by whips. Corey texts Mason to stay put because the Riders are in the school, but Mason comes to find Corey anyway. Mason can see the boy in the library, but not the Riders. Corey snags Mason, and they both turn invisible. They watch as the boy is wiped from existence. Scott and Liam show up later and ask the two what they saw, but neither of them can remember what the Ghost Riders were doing there.

Scott, Lydia, and Malia are all having weird feelings that there is something missing. Lydia keeps having visions and hearing a train. At one point, she is remembering the night that Stiles was taken and almost gets run over by a car if not for Malia. Scott is imposing some of Stiles’ traits onto Liam, like Stiles’ lacrosse skills. When Liam proves them wrong, Scott is confused as to why he thought that. Malia is slowly reverting back to her coyote-ness, going so far as to create a little den in the corner of her room. At the end of the episode, they all come together, knowing that something is off and that they might all be missing the same person. Malia knows that someone helped chain her up and keep her human, while Scott knows that someone was out in the woods with him the night he was bitten. Lydia believes that the person who is missing is someone she loved.

Corey and Liam are at odds with each other, but Mason wants them to be friends. The two decide to team up so that they can make amends and not force Mason to choose between the two of them. Corey and Liam go invisible and investigate the library. They see a library card, but Liam is not invisible anymore, he can’t see it. Corey goes upstairs and snags the card, making it visible with him. The three relate this to Schrodinger’s cat where something doesn’t exist until you see it. Liam scans the card on the computer and they remember the student. They then believe that he was taken by the Riders.

Deaton returns this week to help Scott work out his feelings of missing something. He tells Scott that sometimes you just have to sleep and let your subconscious do the talking. After the team realizes that someone is gone, Deaton helps them unlock Lydia’s subconscious. She starts scribbling furiously “mischief” on a piece of paper. Only when you look at the whole paper do you realize what she actually wrote. Stiles.

Two interesting things happened this episode. First, Claudia Stilinski is alive. She died prior to the beginning of the series. Claudia suffered from frontotemporal dementia which caused mental deterioration. Originally, Stiles was with her when she died. How is she alive now? Stiles is gone, but did existence really mean that she wouldn’t have lived? Or was she planted there by the Riders. I will say that I love her and Sheriff Stilinski. They are so cute. Their scene together was so good and instantly made you like her.

Second, Deaton explains why the Ghost Riders come and it is usually after a war. So why Beacon Hills? Maybe to erase the entire war on supernaturals that Scott has been fighting since he was bitten. Beacon Hills is a hub for the weird and maybe they are responsible for erasing everything that leads to the supernatural’s existence. If so, the entire team is in danger of getting erased. But that just seems like a lot of work, so what if it’s more focused? The people who are taken are supernatural in some way. That would be a good way to wrap up and recall every single season. Stiles was possessed by the Nogitsune in season three. It was hinted that Mason may be the next target, and he was the Beast last season.

As usual, so many questions and a lot of time before we get the answers.

The next episode is entitled, ‘Sundowning.’

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