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Miles Teller Shines in ‘Thank You For Your Service’ Trailer

'I rode shotgun in a lead HUMV and I looked for bombs. You don't see the bombs unless they want you to. I was a good soldier, I had purpose and I loved it.' When soldiers get home from war they're greeted with a mix of flags, parades, celebrations, and confetti. It's a blessing, it's a welcoming, it's a homecoming. They're taken out of a war zone where nothing was familiar, nothing was safe, and they're thrust back into their lives and expected to function the way that they did...

‘Divergent’ Stars kept in the dark about the film’s journey to the small screen

We all heard the news that the Divergent franchise will not return to the big screen but you know who didn't hear that? Some of the stars... Someone did clue them in, but come on, they should've been the first to know. Miles Teller, who plays Peter Hayes, was upset (Whiplash anyone? No just me... ok)  found out about 20 minutes before the news hit the stands. "When we all signed on for the first one we had every intention of finishing it theatrically. We signed on for x amount of movies...