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Miles Teller Shines in ‘Thank You For Your Service’ Trailer

Published on June 20th, 2017 | Updated on June 20th, 2017 | By FanFest

‘I rode shotgun in a lead HUMV and I looked for bombs. You don’t see the bombs unless they want you to. I was a good soldier, I had purpose and I loved it.’

When soldiers get home from war they’re greeted with a mix of flags, parades, celebrations, and confetti. It’s a blessing, it’s a welcoming, it’s a homecoming. They’re taken out of a war zone where nothing was familiar, nothing was safe, and they’re thrust back into their lives and expected to function the way that they did before.

When soldiers get home from war, they’re hailed as heroes, even if they don’t feel like they deserve the title. They’re honored and they’re praised but they go home and they, even with the most supportive friends and family, are still alone with their thoughts at the end of the day. They’re alone with the memories.

Those memories change people and that’s the exact premise of a new film starring Miles Teller called ‘Thank You For Your Service’. The film trailer just dropped and we’ve already watched it multiple times because with each take you see something you missed before. You see Adam Schumann (played by Teller) and soldiers he served with in Iraq try to find their footing when they get back home.

It’s a struggle for Adam and for the people who love him, and the same is seen with the men who were alongside him in battle. He’s called ‘The Hammer’ in the trailer, he’s looked at as a leader and a hero and he just can’t see those same things within himself.

With a film titled ‘Thank You For Your Service’ it would be easy to tell the happy ending story, which is what these war veterans deserve, but don’t always get. However, that wasn’t the goal here. The point is to tell the real story, the one that so many people struggle with daily, it’s the rough days, the days where the memories and the dreams are so real that these soldiers…they can almost touch them. It’s the days where they sit for hours at VA hospitals without help when they scare easily or get triggered by noise and movement. It’s the days that people don’t talk about that makes this movie stand out from the rest.

Towards the end of the trailer, Adam says that he’s no hero, that he just looked after his brothers.

‘I’m not a hero, we’re brothers, we look after each other’.

While we can’t say we’ve ever experienced anything like going to war, some of us have loved people who have served our country in the war and it’s about time this story gets told on a large scale platform. We see them as heroes, but the things they’ve seen, felt, and experienced can make it hard on themselves to understand that what happened over there was necessary for survival.

Miles takes on the role of Adam so well, and we’re already applauding him and the rest of the cast on what this film will accomplish. PTSD is real and it’s terrifying and immobilizing and it’s not something to be ashamed of, not ever.


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