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Rachel McAdams is Pregnant!

Rachel McAdams has had some pretty iconic roles over her 17-year career. She's been Regina George: Allie Hamilton She was in Marvel's Dr. Strange And this weekend her new film Game Night is opening: But it turns out that she's about to play her most important role - Mom. According to E! News the actress is expecting her first child with screenwriter Jamie Linden (Dear John). The pair has kept a very low-profile throughout their relationship, but McAdams has always been vocal about her desire to one day have a family. "Having a few would...

Lindsay Lohan Shares 8 of her Favorite Quotes from ‘Mean Girls’

Whether you love Mean Girls or pretend to hate it until you get home and practice those talent show dance moves in private, you can't deny that the film is an icon in pop culture. From the whole 'did she really shove Regina George in front of a bus' thing to the plastics and their rules of teen royalty - the movie kept you in stitches from start to finish. There were cliches that you didn't want to admit you could relate to and frenemies you could pinpoint in your own...

Rachel McAdams Definitely Wants to see Mean Girls the Musical

'Raise your hand if you've ever been personally victimized by Regina George' When it comes to movies that reflect high school, and the 'clique hierarchy' - none show the social ladder climb (and fall) the way that Mean Girls does. The film is a definite show of what it can mean to be in a clique, how quickly you can be replaced, and how the inner circle of some girl friends is seeded with jealousy and the need to be number one. So, it's not unlikely that you or your...
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