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Published on February 5th, 2017 | Updated on February 8th, 2017 | By FanFest

Our generation has been gifted with glorious motion pictures that allow us to transcend reality and belief to enter a fictitious world of imagination and story telling, or something like that…I don’t know. MOVIES! That’s what I’m talking about. Here at Fan Fest, we appreciate and spotlight all kinds of movies. Personally, some of my favorite movies are sequels. This is Unequal Sequels, a series where we break down horrible sequels piece by piece until my very sanity breaks down as well; The Straight-To-DVD movies that even Netflix wouldn’t dare to touch. The movies that are so bad, they’re NOT fun to watch… just extremely painful.

The movie that I was so very lucky to watch this week was Mean Girls 2, a stand-alone TV sequel from 2011 that bared no relation to the original; except for Tim Meadows returning as Principal Ron Duvall.


Plot: Jo Mitchell is a leather-wearing tough girl from Ohio that moves to the same town from the original movie and starts her Senior year at North Shore High School. There she meets the bullied, but insanely rich, Abby. After Jo drives Abby home one day, Abby’s Dad offers to pay her full college tuition if she’ll pretend to be friends with Abby. Since everyone at school starts loving Jo, the NEW Plastics and popular kids attempt to sway Jo into ditching Abby and becoming one of them. Jo declines, with the rest of the movie consisting of Jo and the leader of the Plastics, Mandi, waging a war of deceit and humiliation against one another; until Jo realizes that she’s become the same as Mandi.

Let’s point out everything Unequal from this teenage drama Sequel:

  • Everything about the filmmaking in general was poorly done, with the script being the worst part. HOWEVER, the same woman who wrote this movie actually went on to write the screenplay for Hidden Figures! How about that…
  • The entire cast consisted of, “Hey I know that person” actors. I spent majority of the movie just  surfing IMDB. The film actually had a good helping of actors that went on to do successful projects.
  • The female and male characters were all made to be extremely sexist. With women using lust to manipulate the men and the men going so far as trying to grab a butt as soon as it walks by.
  • All the rich parents in this movie all seem stupid with their money and spend it carelessly. Paying fifty-thousand dollars just for someone to be friends with your daughter? If only life was this easy.
  • They make the popular kids look so cool in this movie, while in real life they would just look like a bunch of jerks who are ACTUALLY  just really dumb and dress weird.

  • The entire movie was just extremely childish and didn’t have that same personality as the original. While I was expecting a low-budget carbon copy, I got an uninspired knockoff.
  • Unlike the characters from the original, this new cast is extremely One-Dimensional with no redeeming qualities. Like a character-named “Chastity” that only wants to make out with every dude she sees. Get out of here Chastity, you’ll never be Karen. Karen is my spirit animal.

  • The movie has no quotable lines whatsoever, as opposed to the original; making it forgettable and uninspired.
  • In the end, Jo and Mandi settle their differences in a Powder-Puff football game…The Plastics Vs. Jo’s team of average kids. I envy this world they live in…

  • The movie ends with everyone going to college together and appreciating their friendship while Mandi loses her popular status…almost looking like there was no lesson learned whatsoever.

Conclusion: Mean Girls very well encapsulated the negative reality of the life of a Mean Girl. It showcased the inner workings and dangers of social life in high school, while Mean Girls 2 acted like just another teenage drama with boys, betrayal, and happy endings. It was essentially showing the mean girls as the enemies and how popularity isn’t worth risking true friendship, except that’s exactly what we already saw in the original.

On the cringe meter I give Mean Girls 2 a 1.5 out of 5 clip art stars, which means despite how horrible the acting and production was, I only had one solid cringe and began to genuinely care about the characters in the end.

Now here’s MY version of a Mean Girls sequel:

Just like in this movie, there’s a new cast of characters. It’s about this Bro named Chad who’s just been sent to this new school to play basketball for their team. Quickly, Chad is introduced to the captain of the team “Ched”. Ched feels threatened by Chad’s intense baller skills and how people are constantly getting their names confused. Ched eventually starts moving in on Chad’s girl to get him mad, which totally goes against their Code of Bromanship that the team wrote together. Due to this, Chad challenges Ched to a dunk contest where EVERYTHING is on the line. I call it…Mean Bros.

Let me know which Unequal Sequel I should dig up next! Only on!

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