Follow Your Dreams

ⓒWanderer Follow your dreams, that's exactly what Adam Simons is doing. Adam Simons is talented, creative and just inspiring. His genre is indie/pop and his band is called Wanderer. He has recently released an EP called C I T Y on November 28, 2016 and he has released many cover songs always putting his own spin on it.  Wanderer just released a brand new single on March 24, 2017 called Dreams. Dreams is a cover of a Fleetwood Mac song which is one of Adam's favorite songs. It is an amazing song and...


Our generation has been gifted with glorious motion pictures that allow us to transcend reality and belief to enter a fictitious world of imagination and story telling, or something like that…I don’t know. MOVIES! That’s what I’m talking about. Here at Fan Fest, we appreciate and spotlight all kinds of movies. Personally, some of my favorite movies are sequels. This is Unequal Sequels, a series where we break down horrible sequels piece by piece until my very sanity breaks down as well; The Straight-To-DVD movies that even Netflix wouldn’t dare to...
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