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Andrew Lincoln Teases A Different Rick Grimes for Remainder of Season 7

Published on January 6th, 2017 | Updated on January 6th, 2017 | By FanFest

Andrew Lincoln was interviewed by about part 2 of Season 7. “It’s probably the opposite of what you just witnessed,” Lincoln said. “Certainly from Rick’s point of view. You see a man in action again with some of the members of his closest family.”

“There’s a lot more levity, if you can believe that, than you’ve ever seen before in Mr. Grimes,” Lincoln said. “There’s sort of a freedom in him, a feeling that comes from losing everything, and also the thrill of the fight. It’s the thrill of the fight again. He’s back in. All I’m saying is that the band is back together.”

“There are several episodes that I loved being involved in and it certainly feels very much more like a show that I knew and recognized in the back eight,” Lincoln said. “I loved the episodes that I was in.”

Showrunner Scott Gimple teased as much in an exclusive interview with following the violent midseason finale.

“I will say 7B’s vibe is very different from 7A’s vibe. The ending of 7B is very different than the beginning of 7A,” Gimple said. “Just the vibe in 7B, I was just talking about it with Andy [Lincoln] last night. It’s just a very, very different half season than the half season that preceded it. Even with structure, what we’re doing right now with the episodes and seeing where everyone is at, the structure is very, very different than the back half. There’s a lot more variety to the structure.”


The Walking Dead returns on February 12, 2017.




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