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‘Bates Motel’ Series Finale Recap: ‘The Cord’

Last night's series finale was a strange yet beautiful reminder that sometimes life truly does come full circle. In one way or another--whether by divine fate, human error, or heartbreaking tragedy---the cast of characters on Bates Motel did find their way back to where it all began: love. Alex Romero was the first of our tragic heroes to meet his fate. After leaving office clerk Regina in the woods alone, Alex urges Norman to take him to Norma’s resting place. He’s more desperate than ever to see Norma and to...
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‘Bates Motel’ Recap: ‘Bad Blood’

Norma Bates was loved. If we hadn’t known this before, we most definitely know it now. This entire episode was essentially a love letter to Norma, a letter that described in great detail all the things she meant to the men who held her close. Tonight’s episode started where last week’s left off with a knocked-out Caleb in the basement finally coming to. As he wakes, he has visions of himself and Norma as children. It’s a flashback that shows us -- as Kenny Johnson’s interpretation of Caleb has -- that...
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