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The ‘Suburbicon’ Trailer Brings Murder to the American Dream

What do you get when the idyllic American family has a run in with the mob, or at least when one of them does? You get murder, gore, intensity, and a bit of dry humor to stitch it all together. A trailer for the new film Suburbicon dropped today and there are some big names associated with the movie. From Matt Damon and Julianne Moore to George Clooney and Grant Helsov, the film is sure to be a smashing success. The premise of the movie is as follows. 'Suburbicon is a...

Matt Damon To Reprise Role In ‘Ocean’s Eight’

Should we call it Ocean's Nine now? How about Ocean's Eight and a Half? No? How about Ocean's Eight + 1 then? Actor Matt Damon who played Linus Caldwell in the original Ocean's trilogy is set to possibly reprise the same role in Ocean's Eight, Entertainment Online has learned. During the Manchester by the Sea Los Angeles premiere, Damon revealed he would be making a cameo, saying: "I'm doing a little bit in the movie. I haven't read it yet, but the cast is phenomenal and I'm excited to see...

Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Feud’ Continues On The Emmys

It seems that Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel's "feud" won't be ending anytime soon. During Sunday's Emmy broadcast, the actor interrupted Kimmel on stage to taunt him about his loss to John Oliver in the Outstanding Variety Talk Series. "I missed the last category. Did you win?," Damon joked while chomping on an apple. "This is humiliating. You lost and now you have to stand out here for the rest of the night in front of everybody... when you probably just want to go home, curl up, and cry," he...

Matt Damon Would Play A Superhero If Ben Affleck Was Directing

© The Independent Matt Damon is no stranger to action flicks, but now he's considering adding superhero to his impressive resumé. At the premiere of his upcoming film, Jason Bourne, the fifth installment in the franchise, Damon told The Irish Examiner, "I'd consider anything with the right director, but I can't imagine there are any superheroes left. I think they're all taken at the moment." However, he says that if his best friend and fellow actor Ben Affleck were directing, he'd "jump on it in a New York minute." "The...
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