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Ben Affleck and Matt Damon Team Up For McDonalds Monopoly Film

Published on August 6th, 2018 | Updated on August 6th, 2018 | By FanFest

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are teaming their talents up again to take on America’s biggest fast-food chain. The Academy Award-winning Good Will Hunting scribes will tackle the story of a former cop who found a way to rig McDonald’s widely popular Monopoly game to steal millions of dollars. The duo will work with Fox, who recently won the rights to the story after a bidding war, with Affleck directing and Damon starring.

The movie will be written by Deadpool’s Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese and produced by Jeff Maysh, David Klawans, and Affleck and Damon through their company Pearl Street.

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Damon and Affleck in ‘Good Will Hunting’

The untitled film will be based on the recent Daily Beast article that told the story of “the FBI operation to uncover the underground criminal ring, run by someone named “Uncle Jerry,” who used his job as a security officer at the firm that printed the game pieces to defraud the fast food’s annual promotion of $24 million in prize money over several years.” McDonald’s Monopoly first ran in 1987 and immediately struck a chord with players, driving sales for the fast-food chain up astronomically in order to receive the coveted game pieces. The game is still used as a marketing tactic around the world today.

[row]By completing groups of properties like Baltic and Mediterranean Avenues, players won cash or a Sega Game Gear, while “Instant Win” game pieces scored a free Filet-O-Fish or a Jamaican vacation.[/row]

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have turned their close friendship into a successful business partnership in Hollywood over the years. They won the Academy Award in 1998 for writing Good Will Hunting and have since teamed up on screen for many films including Dogma, Chasing Amy, and Project Greenlight. Over the past few years, Matt Damon has starred in Interstellar, The Martian, Jason Bourne, The Great Wall and last Christmas’ Downsizing. He also had small cameos in Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok and Deadpool 2. He will soon be stepping into the role of Robert F. Kennedy in RFK.

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Ben Affleck as ‘Batman’

While Damon was making MCU cameos, Affleck stepped onto the DC scene to play Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. He was originally supposed to direct a Batman solo project but has since dropped out. He recently directed the 2016 crime drama Live by Night and starred in The Accountant, which has an untitled sequel in the works. He will soon appear in Netflix’s Triple Frontier with Charlie Hunnam, Garrett Hedlund, Oscar Isaac, and Pedro Pascal as well as The Last Thing He Wanted with Anne Hathaway.

So, do you think the McDonald’s Monopoly fraud story will make for a good film? Are you excited to see Affleck and Damon teaming back up? Let us know!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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