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J.J. Abrams Sci-Fi Drama ‘Demimonde’ Lands at HBO With Straight to Series Pickup

After being part of an intense bidding war, it was announced on Thursday that HBO has secured the rights to a new J.J. Abrams sci-fi fantasy drama which is in the works.  The premium cable network has ordered the drama called Demimonde straight to series. While few details are known about the production at this point, HBO describes Demimonde as, “an epic and intimate sci-fi fantasy drama.”  Demimonde is French for "half-world." Abrams will be writing the pilot for series earning him his first TV series writing credit since Fringe in 2008.  Additionally,...

Star Wars Ep. IX: J.J Abrams Pitched 1st version of the scenario to Disney CEO

The Last Jedi has just been released, but it's already time to think about the future Episode IX. According to The Laughting Place , Disney CEO (Bob Iger) revealed during a conference that J.J Abrams was going to present him a first version of the Episode IX scenario today. A scenario co-wrriten with Chris Terrio, who also wrote 'Batman v Superman' & 'Justice League'. Even if Rian Johnson, Lucasfilm and Disney are developing a brand new ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy, Episode IX will close the trilogy that J.J Abrams started himself...

Lucasfilm Doesn’t Have A Creative Problem – Stop Hiring The Wrong Directors!

“Stark Raving Fan” is a column about one man’s love for all things involving popular culture – television, movies, and all facets of pop culture from here to there. Of course, it’s not the kind of love that unite a group of people like a bunch of hippies. More like the kind of love someone has when they’ve blown a gasket and have something to say. After all, aren’t we all just driven mad by fanaticism sometimes? Sing it with me now. You ready? I'm ready. Ooh, ooh, ooh. Another one...
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