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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘The Adventures of Supergirl’

Supergirl Recap ‘The Adventures of Supergirl’

This episode starts where the season one finale left off with Kara and J’onn arriving at the Kryptonian pod. There is a man inside, and though Kara doesn’t recognize him, she is convinced that he is from Krypton. He is comatose so they take him to the new DEO headquarters to run some tests. Winn is brought on board to try and decipher the ship’s log, which is in Kryptonian. Good thing he got bored and decided to learn a new language.

Kara then prepares for her first date with James. She seems to be giddy, but Alex can sense that there is something else going on. Kara denies it. She and James meet at her apartment for dinner when James says he knows how much she wants to watch the launch of the first civilian spacecraft. They turn on the launch, but when the ship is in orbit, there’s an explosion and Supergirl is called into action. She flies off to stop the shuttle, but her powers are not enough. Superman soon arrives and the two of them successfully slow the descent and save the day.

Kara and Clark team up outside of their suits to

Image: The CW
Image: The CW

investigate Lena Luthor, who had a seat on the ship, but suddenly cancelled. She tells them that she skipped out to work on the re-branding of Lex Corp. Lena no longer wants to be associated with her psycho adoptive brother who was just recently put away by Superman. They soon discover that Lena didn’t orchestrate the attack on the space shuttle, she was the target. Lex hired hitman John Corben to take out his sister. Superman and Supergirl save the day and Lena puts two bullets in Corben.

Kara is having some problems in her personal life. She and James were both finally ready to get together, but now Kara isn’t into it. She doesn’t really know why either. James says that she has changed and agrees that maybe they shouldn’t date. They decide to just stay friends, but it looks like the decision has really hurt James.

Kara is also dealing with Cat, who has offered her any position she wants within the company. However, she has no idea what she wants to do. When she goes out to investigate Lena with Clark, she realizes that she wants to be a reporter. Kara can investigate the truth and seek justice. Cat tells Kara that ever since she came in and interviewed, she knew Kara was destined to be a reporter. Kara then asks Cat if everything is okay with her as she has been a bit off, and the last we see of our media guru is her requesting a series of phone calls. I’m afraid that Cat will no longer be a part of the show.

Back at the DEO, Winn has just been hired to work full time (hooray!). Clark tells J’onn and Kara that he might stick around for a little bit because he had fun working with his cousin. He originally had his reservations because of the Kryptonite being kept by J’onn and the DEO even though Clark asked him to get rid of it.

I’ll admit, I was little hesitant at first about Tyler Hoechlin playing Clark Kent, but he completely knocked it out of the park. He plays a much different version of Superman than we have seen recently on the big screen. He is likeable and a really great guy, both as Clark and Superman. Kara has a lot to learn from him in the coming weeks as he has had more time to figure out how to balance his personal life and being the Man of Steel. That is Kara’s issue now. She spent the previous season working on how to be Supergirl, and now she doesn’t know how to be Kara. I’m glad that he is sticking around National City because he and Kara together are amazing. There is really great chemistry between Melissa Benoist and Hoechlin.

The final scene of the episode is Corben, who is on life support, in a dark room. A woman approaches him, saying that he has a choice. One button will kill him, the other will give him new life. Corben chooses life and he is injected with a material that turns his veins silver. She then says, “John Corben is dead. You are now Metallo.” And with that, the newest big bad is born. The woman works for Project Cadmus, which was hinted at in the previous season. But who is Metallo? In the comics, he is one of Superman’s greatest enemies.

This was a great premier and I cannot wait for more. Next week’s episode is entitled ‘The Last Children of Krypton.’

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