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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Red Faced’

Published on November 30th, 2015 | Updated on May 21st, 2016 | By FanFest

Supergirl Recap ‘Red Faced’

This week on Supergirl, everyone is angry.

General Lang rolls into National City with a new military training machine, Red Tornado. Kara fights the cyborg to test its capabilities, but goes too far and Red Tornado flees. General Lang then fires the creator, T.O. Morrow, claiming that it was a failure. Later, the cyborg starts targeting General Lang. Kara and the DEO set a trap and stop Red Tornado.

Kara is under a lot of stress this week. She is dealing with Cat and Cat’s mean, disapproving mother, trying to figure out what really happened to Jeremiah Danvers, James and Lucy, General Lang, and the DEO. It’s a lot and Kara cracks under the pressure a couple of times. One is an outburst directed toward Cat, who doesn’t fire her, but instead takes her out for a drink. A drunk Cat then advises Kara to find some sort of release because “women are not allowed to break down,” especially while at work.

James is under pressure from General Lang, who is a real jerk. Papa Lang doesn’t believe James is good enough for his daughter. James and Kara meet to have a bit of stress relief therapy through punching bags. Of course, Kara’s punching bag is a car. I have to applaud Melissa Benoist this week, especially in this sequence. She lets out all of her anger and discovers the real cause of all of her pent up rage. Kara is tired of hiding who she really is and being different. She is alone, one of the last of a dead race, and doesn’t really have anyone she can talk to that truly understands (since her cousin just instant messages her and
her aunt is trying to kill her). It was a very heartfelt confession. Well done, Melissa.

With her anger seemingly in check, Kara goes to stop Red Tornado. She channels all of her rage and blows up the cyborg using her laser vision, but there is a problem. When Kara pushed herself, she may have gone too far and tapped into her powers enough to deplete them. At the end of the episode, Kara cuts her finger on some glass and bleeds. She’s not supposed to bleed.

Alex and Winn team up to dig into the death of Jeremiah. Winn discovers some well-hidden reports saying that Jeremiah and Henshaw went on a mission together, disappeared, and were presumed dead. Henshaw then turned up unscathed and with no memory of what happened. My theory? Henshaw was replaced. The other option is he was experimented on and made into whatever he is now. The part that is still most confusing is where his allegiance lies. He continues to help Kara and even stood up for her against General Lang.

Still no sign of Astra, and yet another week that doesn’t involve the Kryptonian prisoners. We just going to forget about them? Maxwell Lord continues to be a Supergirl critic, and I do not like him. I definitely think that he and Alex might end up together, which would be very bad.

The next episode is entitled “Human for a Day,” and it seems Kara got her wish to be normal.

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