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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘The Martian Chronicles’

Supergirl Recap ‘The Martian Chronicles’

M’gann warned J’onn last week that the White Martians were coming from her, but not just any White Martian shows up, it is her husband, Armek. He tells her that they want M’gann dead more than J’onn and he will stop at nothing to fulfill his mission. M’gann wants to give herself up, but J’onn won’t let that happen. He says that they will protect her.

Later at the DEO, Kara, Alex, Winn, M’gann, and J’onn are gathered together when another M’gann appears. Turns out Armek was posing as M’gann. In order to stop the threat once and for all, J’onn puts the building on lock down. Agents Vasquez and Demos are also trapped and the group starts to panic as they realize that one of them could be the White Martian. J’onn puts together a test and it turns out that Winn is the imposter. A fight breaks out, but Winn manages to escape. The White Martian has a psychic connection to Winn, which means access to the DEO’s computer system. He initiates a meltdown of the reactor core that will explode unless they can shut it down in the allotted time. J’onn and M’gann search for the White Martian and the real Winn while Kara and Alex head to the reactor.

Kara is feeling a bit lonely after Alex asked to reschedule Kara’s “Earth Birthday” celebration so she could go to a concert with Maggie. While on their way to the reactor, Kara admits that she has always had Alex there for her and she feels that the two of them are becoming distant now that Maggie’s come into the picture. Alex assures her that she will always be there for her.

J’onn and M’gann also have a heart to heart as they search for Winn. They admit to having developed feelings for each other. M’gann says that she finally feels like she belongs somewhere now that she has J’onn. They locate Winn, wrapped up in a nasty cocoon thing, but they also find another one. There are two White Martians, and the other one is posing as Alex.

A fight breaks out between Alex and Kara while J’onn revives Winn and tries to get him to the reactor so he can manually shut it down. Armek gets in J’onn’s way. M’gann arrives and helps J’onn fight her husband. She ends up killing him. Winn successfully shuts down the reactor as Kara (with a little help from Alex) defeat the other White Martian.

M’gann thanks J’onn for everything he has done, but says that she needs to return to Mars. She believes that there might be others like her who oppose the White Martian ways. They need some guidance. She and J’onn share a mental connection before she beams aboard Armek’s ship. I was sad to see her go, especially since it was awesome to finally see Martian Manhunter and Miss Martian fighting side by side.

Alex appears at Kara’s door with a cupcake, wishing her a happy Earth birthday. She says that Maggie wasn’t upset that she missed the concert because of a hostile alien attack. Alex also admits that she could hear the conversation Kara had with the imposter. She asserts that just because she has Maggie doesn’t mean she’s going to leave Kara. Alex then adds that Kara might be trying to cling to her because she is experiencing some other feelings. Maybe feelings that she doesn’t want to admit too. Alex says that Kara has been weird around Mon-El lately. Kara takes Alex’s words and is going to mend things with Mon-El, and maybe go on a date, but he has already moved on with Eve.

A good episode. It was fun to see evil Winn and Alex when they were actually the White Martians. The acting this week was on point as there were a lot of emotional moments. Again, sad to see M’gann depart, but I’m glad she got a full episode devoted to her as a send-off. I hope that she comes back soon.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Luthors.’

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