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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘City of Lost Children’

Supergirl Recap ‘City of Lost Children’

This week, James is having a bit of an identity crisis following the stop of an assault when the victim is scared of him. Later, an alien goes on a telepathic rampage and he can do nothing to stop it. If Supergirl hadn’t of shown up, things could have been a whole lot worse. James wants to be Guardian and help protect the city, but he believes that without powers, he really can’t make that much of a difference. J’onn helps cement this idea when he tells James to let the DEO handle the alien threat. Despite that, James still goes out and finds the woman’s son, Marcus. He is scared of Guardian at first, but once James removes his helmet, the boy softens to James and together they go to the DEO.

Marcus won’t talk to anyone, but shows some signs of reacting when James is present. J’onn thinks it would be a good idea if James were to take care of the boy and see if he can get him to talk. James takes Marcus to CatCo and shows him his camera collection and talks about his father. That’s when Marcus speaks and says his father was a warrior who was killed when he and his mother fled the planet. James promises to help Marcus and his mother once they find her. But then Marcus goes into a possessed state and his telepathic powers goes crazy, almost destroying all of CatCo. Supergirl shows up and pulls Marcus out of the building. After a little bit, Marcus stops and suddenly becomes very afraid.

At the DEO, they have figured out that there was an electromagnetic spike just before Marcus’ powers went haywire. Kara recalls Lena talking about a new project and thinks that this might have something to do with her. But when she calls Lena, Rhea answers the phone. She tells Kara that what is coming is all Supergirl’s fault, and everyone would soon know that. Mon-El tries to persuade his mother to stop, saying that her anger should be directed at him.

James talks to Marcus once more and asks if he knows where his mother is. Marcus reaches out to her and says that she is somewhere he has never seen before. James and Winn head out with Marcus to track her down, taking a dampener device with them to shield Marcus and his mother from any more electromagnetic attacks. They find Marcus’ mother and ten other alien refugees. That’s when another attack happens. Winn’s machine isn’t build to handle twelve people and it breaks. James believes that if he can get through to Marcus, Marcus might be able to get the others to stop. He succeeds (in a really emotional speech) and the others follow suit.

At the test facility, Lena realizes too late that she was just being used. She tries to stop the machine, but Rhea made an alteration and there is no longer an override. Lena is knocked unconscious trying to turn it off. Mon-El appears while Kara goes to deal with the machine. There’s nothing Kara can do and she is forced to watch as hundreds of Daxamite ships fly out of the massive portal.

Mon-El points a gun at his mother, but Rhea is a master manipulator. She knows exactly what to say to get him to put the gun down. She tells Mon-El that he is a hero, and a hero would never kill their own mother. She remembers tucking him in at night when he was younger and Mon-El would tell her that he would always love her. Mon-El then demands to know where his father is. Rhea tells him that in his anguish at Mon-El refusing to return with them, he took his own life. Mon-El lowers the gun. Rhea then tells Mon-El what she has done. She brought Daxam to Earth. Rhea, Mon-El, and Lena are all beamed out of the facility.

This was a great episode for James as we got more of his struggle at trying to be a hero. I wish we had seen more of this throughout the season to give the emotional moments this week a little bit more of a punch to the gut, but they were still very well done. Mehcad Brooks did a really good job this week.

So now we know Rhea’s master plan. Mon-El won’t come home and reunite Daxam, so she’ll just bring Daxam to him. He’ll play along with her now that Earth and Kara are in danger. I’m wondering how Lena will react to all of this once she regains consciousness. She is going to be much more anti-alien now that she has been manipulated once more and probably caused a war. I wonder if she’ll reach out to Lillian for help.

Next week is the season’s penultimate episode and it is entitled ‘Resist.’

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