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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Resist’

Published on May 16th, 2017 | Updated on May 16th, 2017 | By FanFest

Supergirl Recap ‘Resist’

Rhea’s plan has reached fruition as ships from Daxam lay siege to National City. Daxamite soldiers have taken to the streets, attacking the police station and the DEO. Alex relocates their headquarters to the alien bar while they try to figure out a plan of action. Kara is all about getting aboard the mother ship in order to save the captive Mon-El and Lena. That’s when Lillian Luthor and Cyborg Superman appear. She tells Kara that they want to work with her in order to release Lena, but Kara refuses to get involved with Cadmus. She sends them away.

Then the President appears on the scene in Air Force One. She broadcasts a message to Rhea, demanding the release of National City before they are forced to take drastic measures. But the President isn’t alone. Also on Air Force One is Cat Grant. She has some strong words for Rhea, but the Daxamite Queen doesn’t care what they have to say. She shoots down the aircraft. Kara arrives just in time to save Cat. They think the President is dead when she suddenly appears from beneath the rubble in her alien form.

Back at the bar, the President tells the story of how she came to Earth. She witnessed siege of her planet and vowed to never let that happen again. She and the DEO make a plan to use a massive cannon to destroy Rhea’s ship. Kara is against it, but the DEO has no choice. They have to follow the President’s orders. Kara steps outside to get some air and runs into Cat. The two of them talk and Cat says that Kara’s will to save those she loves is what makes her human. Cat went to the Himalayas to try and find happiness, but she was still empty. She did discover what she was missing, however, and it was human connection. She advises Kara to go with what she feels she must do.

Kara goes to Lillian Luthor. They agree to help each other rescue Lena and Mon-El. Then they will immediately go back to being enemies. While they gain access to the ship, Alex and Maggie break into the government facility to get to the cannon. Cat and Winn sneak into CatCo to broadcast a message to Rhea that will serve as a distraction (and what a speech it is).

The speech very luckily interrupts the wedding ceremony taking place aboard the ship. Rhea forced Lena and Mon-El to agree to get married by threatening a children’s hospital, but they are cut short by Cat’s message. She orders Cat to be killed and for the two to be taken back to their cells. Mon-El and Lena fight back and come across Kara’s rescue party. Lillian has other plans however. She, Lena, and Cyborg Superman beam off of the ship, leaving Kara and Mon-El to die (as Alex has access to the cannon and is being ordered to fire). Kara tells Mon-El that she expected the treachery, and had a back-up plan. She tells Mon-El to go while she tries to end things peacefully with Rhea. Mon-El unwillingly leaves.

Kara pleads with Rhea to surrender, but Rhea scoffs. She tells Kara that she killed her husband for his betrayal, so appealing to her emotions is a waste of time. Then Rhea laughs at the idea that Kara thought they had won. Suddenly, the cannon gets destroyed and Kara is attacked by none other than Superman. And that’s how the episode ends. Boo!

First off, I have missed Cat Grant so much. Her snarkiness and wisdom were the highlight of this episode. She took one look at Guardian and instantly knew it was James just from his eyes. Because of this, she has to know that Kara is Supergirl and just decided to let a girl have her secret. She’s just too smart. I’m really hoping that they don’t kill her off in the season finale so as to close her chapter. Even if Calista Flockhart can’t commit to a whole season, I at least want to have the hope that she’ll reappear every now and then.

What’s up with Superman? Why is he fighting for Rhea? Was he brainwashed or is this some sort of trick? Rhea wanted Mon-El and Lena to have a child together in order to solidify the Daxam/Earth union, but she said that she didn’t really need them for that. Daxam has the ability to create life as long as they have the genetic make-up. She already took hair from Mon-El and Lena. Could this Superman be something that was created by Rhea? This Daxam technology also brings up an interesting idea that could play into the next season. What if Rhea did already create their child and he becomes Superboy? Cadmus could get their hands on him and turn him into their greatest weapon. I’m down for that.

Lillian said something interesting to Kara before they went aboard the Daxam ship. Kara asked why Lillian never told Lena that she was Supergirl. Lillian’s response was that Lena would one day figure it out and then hate Kara for lying to her. I don’t know if the old Lena would turn to hatred that quickly, but after everything she’s gone through with Rhea, she might be at the bring of hatred. The truth could tip her over the edge. Which is obviously what Lillian wants. Could a reveal to Lena be in the works for next week and then set up Lena as the main villain of season three? As much as I want to have Katie McGrath be a villain again (watch Merlin to see her be evil), I don’t want Lena to go bad. I really like her and Kara’s relationship and hope that it is strong enough to not be broken by the Supergirl secret.

Next week is the season finale entitled ‘Nevertheless, She Persisted.’

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