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‘Supergirl’ Season 2 Recap

Published on October 7th, 2017 | Updated on October 7th, 2017 | By FanFest

Supergirl Season 2 Recap

Previously, on Supergirl:

The first season of the superhero show ended with the looming threat of the organization known as Cadmus and the crash-landing of a Kyrptonian pod. Kara and J’onn head after the pod and find an unconscious man inside. Kara is convinced that the man is from Krypton, but it’s a couple of episodes before he wakes up and is in fact not from the same planet. His name is Mon-El and he hails from Daxam. And Kryptonians and Daxamites do not get along. When Krypton was in the process of blowing up, Daxam suffered some backlash and was destroyed. Eventually Kara and Mon-El set aside their differences, and she starts training him to be a superhero.

Image: The CW

Mon-El is one new face in Season 2, another being Lena Luthor (right), who is trying to make a name for herself following the imprisonment of her brother Lex. She is determined to break free of the Luthor stigma and befriends Kara. There’s also a new cop in town who catches Alex’s idea, Maggie Sawyer. Alex and Maggie hit it off in their field work, but also as Alex comes to the realization that she might have feelings for the tough-as-nails Maggie. J’onn meets another Green Martian, M’gann M’orzz, aka Miss Martian. But it turns out that she is lying about her identity and is in fact a White Martian that deserted.

Cadmus makes a statement to National City, condemning all alien life. This comes at a time when the President is trying pass an alien amnesty act. Cadmus is out to prove that the aliens pose a threat and it is only a matter of time before they turn against the human race. They run experiments on humans, implanting Kryptonite in them, supply humans with alien weaponry, and then try to release a virus into the atmosphere that will instantly kill all aliens. Overall, they’re bad news. And who is the leader of Cadmus? Lillian Luthor.

As the season plays out, Kara works to balance her life as a human and her life as Supergirl. She has reached a new height at CatCo, becoming a full-time reporter, but she struggles to learn the ropes of journalism while being out in the field. James also struggles with his own identity as he feels that he has sat on the sidelines for two long. Both of his best friends are superheroes and he wants to make a difference. And more than just in the form of running CatCo now that Cat has left to do some soul-searching of her own. James takes up the mantle of Guardian. Kara is avidly against James’ drive to fight crime, saying that he can get killed. James tells her that he isn’t going to back down. This is something that he has to do.

The back half of the season finds Kara and Mon-El getting together, but there’s a new threat on top of Cadmus. Mon-El is actually a prince of Daxam (though he lied about his identity to Team Supergirl) and his parents, the king and queen are searching for him. When they finally track him down, Rhea begs her son to return home and lead their people. Mon-El doesn’t want to leave because he loves Kara. Mon-El has also developed a disapproval of the way things were being done and tells his mother that he essentially wants to dissolve the monarchy.

Image: The CW

In the season finale, Kara challenges Rhea to trial by combat. If Kara wins, the Daxamites will leave. If Kara loses, Rhea gets her son and Earth. Unbeknownst to Rhea, Lillian Luthor has sided with Team Supergirl, claiming to want to help because they have her daughter, but everyone knows that Lillian only acts if she has something to gain. Most of the season found her manipulating Lena. Lead is poison to Daxamites, so Lillian and Lena are developing a bomb of sorts that will release lead into the atmosphere and force the alien invaders to leave (the amount is nontoxic to humans). Kara doesn’t want that to happen because Mon-El will also be forced to leave. But naturally, Rhea cheats by infusing herself with Kryptonite, so Kara makes the call to release the lead bomb. The Daxamites, and Mon-El, retreat, and Rhea breathes in too much and dies.

The end of the season finds Kara in a not so good place. She was finally feeling like she could have it all as Supergirl and Kara, but it all came crashing down around her. In space, Mon-El’s pod is sucked into a black hole or portal or something. Who knows where he ends up. Lillian was out to help Team Supergirl for her own reasons as she takes all the credit for driving the Daxamite’s away. Lena and Kara have a scene together where they try to comfort each other, but both have had a pretty bad time. Lena is tired of being used and lied to, believing that Kara is the only person in her life she can truly rely on.

The final scene of the episode takes us back to the day of Krypton’s destruction. When Kara and Kal were sent away, there was another baby that was being prepared for departure. A group clad in black bless a child with blood, telling her that one day she will reign, before sending her away from the planet. Guess we know who the next villain will be.

Supergirl started the season strong, but had a couple of misfires along the way. I’m excited to see what Season 3 brings and hope that we get some conclusion to plots that were seemingly abandoned in the middle of Season 2. One thing that I’m interested to see play out is Kara and Lena’s friendship. She still has no idea of Kara’s secret, and I think that finding out your best friend has been lying about a pretty big thing will be the final straw for Lena. I’m wondering if Season 3 could potentially set up Lena to be the main antagonist of Season 4.

Supergirl returns Monday, October 9, on The CW with the episode entitled ‘Girl of Steel.’

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