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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Ace Reporter’

Published on April 25th, 2017 | Updated on April 25th, 2017 | By FanFest

Supergirl Recap ‘Ace Reporter’

Supergirl returned from hiatus this week to find National City in a pretty good condition. Kara shows up at the DEO ready to go, but there aren’t any major problems for her to solve. She goes home where she starts stress baking because there is nothing more for her to do. That’s when Lena shows up and asks if Kara will come with her to a press conference being help by her ex-company and ex-boyfriend. Kara agrees. While there, they run into Snapper Carr, who mocks Kara.

Jack Spheer has had a breakthrough in nanotechnology, which has the potential to cure any disease. He shows the power of the nanobots during the conference after cutting his hand open. Afterward, Jack approaches Lena, trying to get her to meet with him to talk. Meanwhile, Kara is confronted by a man who says that he has some inside information on the nano-tech and asks her to meet him later that evening. Kara shows up and the man says that there were no human experiments conducted. Before he can elaborate, they are attacked by the nanobots and the man is killed.

Kara takes her story to James to try and get him to open an investigation, but Snapper interferes. If James uses CatCo in order to help Kara, it would be a conflict of interests and James could get in serious trouble. James and Snapper speak after Kara leaves, but she overhears him saying that he has an interview with one of the nano-tech test subjects. Kara follows Snapper and saves his life when the nanobots strike again.

Kara and Mon-El crash Jack and Lena’s dinner date. Lena asks Jack to tell her how he made the breakthrough and he says it was because she left. He never wanted her to walk out on him and regrets everything. Lena asks Kara and Mon-El to leave so that the two of them can have a private conversation. Before doing so, Mon-El steals Jack’s security badge so they can break into his office and do some more digging. Once there, they find that there were no human experiments because Jack tested it on himself. He became the swarm.

Kara takes this to Lena, who asks her to not release the information until she speaks with Jack. She approaches him, but he denies her claims, saying he hasn’t killed anyone. Lena realizes that he is telling the truth and the real culprit appears: Jack’s assistant and stockholder, Beth. She has been controlling Jack, making him cover the company’s tracks so that she didn’t lost everything. She is about to turn Lena into a swarm when Supergirl appears.

Kara hasn’t yet figured out how to stop the nanobots and they get the better of her. Lena knocks out Beth and breaks the controller. This causes Jack to go haywire. He tells Lena to activate the override. Beth regains consciousness to tell Lena that if she does that, Jack will die. Lena makes the decision to override the system. The nanobots dissolve and Jack dies.

Afterward, Kara goes to Snapper and apologizes for running the Cadmus story on a blog. She says that he was right and she got lucky in regards to the story being the truth. Snapper hands her the most recent issue of the magazine, telling her to look at the byline for the nanotechnology article. Her name appears next to Snapper’s. He tells her that her interview was instrumental in proving the validity of the story. Snapper then offers her her job back.

Lena is not taking Jack’s death very well, telling Kara that she feels cold, but that when she thinks of Beth dying in prison, she feels a little bit better. She is afraid of what she might become due to the amount of loss she has experienced in her life. Kara tells her that she isn’t going anywhere and will always be her friend. She will be there to protect Lena. Later, Lena has an unexpected visitor who has a proposition for her. It is Rhea.

What could Rhea possibly want with Lena? I know that she is after Kara, so maybe she has plans to turn Lena against her friend. Could finding out the truth that she is Supergirl push Lena over the edge? She’s in a pretty bad place at the moment. I don’t know if that would be enough to get Lena to turn on Kara. She might understand why the Supergirl secret had to be kept. Or Lena already knows the truth. I can’t imagine she doesn’t suspect it with the number of times Supergirl has magically shown up to rescue her.

Or is Rhea going to use Lena to get to Lillian? I think that would be in Rhea’s best interest. Two women hellbent on destroying Kara together would be really bad. They could also use each other for personal gain. They could set up Cadmus as a hero if it seemed like Daxam was invading Earth only to be stopped by the organization. Kara could be killed in the process and then Rhea would get Mon-El back and Supergirl would be out of Cadmus’ hair.

I hope we find out more of Rhea’s reason in the next episode, which is entitled ‘Alex.’

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