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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Changing’

Supergirl Recap ‘Changing’

This week, Supergirl faces off against a parasite that was reawakened after being frozen in ice for thousands of years. The parasite infects one of the scientists, Dr. Rudy Jones, who discovered the frozen wolf corpse. Jones sucks the life out of the rest of his research team and is found by the DEO after a distress signal goes out. The DEO runs tests but don’t find anything wrong with him. They receive information later that confirms he is carrying the parasite now, but when Kara tries to stop him, he drains some of her powers. In another fight with Kara and J’onn, Jones does even more damage, almost killing them. Kara recovers with time, but J’onn is in far worse shape. Alex convinces M’gann to give him blood.

This is was incredibly emotional episode. First, we have the dissolving of the relationship between Kara and Mon-El. He has no desire to be a hero and believes that if he can use his powers to make money, he should. Kara is completely against that and insults Mon-El for being a Daxamite. She believed that he could be better than the image she had for his people.

Next, James wants to go out in the field after Kara is first attacked. Winn tells him that he won’t allow him to until the suit is finished. James doesn’t care and needs to do something. Winn yells at James, saying that if he goes out in an incomplete suit, he will die and then he won’t be saving anyone. Jeremy Jordan did a great job as Winn this week and I felt his anguish as he stood up to James. Finally, after the second attempt on Kara’s life, Winn presents James with the suit and sends him out in the field. And the suit is awesome.

And lastly comes the continuation of Alex’s acceptance of her sexuality. Last week, she half-admitted to Maggie that she is gay (never actually using the term) and now, she must come out to Kara. Chyler Leigh was incredible this week and again, I must stress how important her journey has been. Never before have we as an audience experienced someone coming out like this. Kara is accepting of Alex’s sexuality no matter what, but her reaction wasn’t quite what Alex was expecting and that upsets her. Kara and Alex talk more later and Kara apologizes for never taking the time growing up to listen to Alex. It was always about her powers and secret when they were kids. In the end, Alex goes to Maggie, finally ready to make the first move. She kisses Maggie and admits how much she has wanted to do that. Maggie, however, wasn’t really looking to be Alex’s girlfriend. She says that she is supportive of Alex, but just as friends. Crushed, Alex returns home and cries to Kara, who whispers that she is proud of her sister.

Kara, Mon-El (after a stern talk from Alex), and James (in his new identity-concealing suit), join forces to stop the parasite, who is now a giant beast. Mon-El tries to take on the beast alone, but he underestimates its power. James then appears, announcing himself as the Guardian. Winn is in a van helping his friend as he fights. Kara finally recovers and flies off to stop the parasite. She defeats it by overloading its energy capability by feeding it a nuclear compound. It works and the day is saved. James does not reveal him true identity to Kara and Mon-El and rides off on a motorcycle. Kara thanks Mon-El for coming to help and he seems to have turned over a new leaf.

The final scene of the episode, Mon-El is walking the streets when he is attacked and taken by Cadmus. That’s not good.

Another moment in this episode that is going to have repercussions moving forward is the blood transfusion. Everyone believes M’gann is a Green Martian, but she isn’t, she’s a White Martian. Now that her blood has mixed with J’onn’s, I can’t help but wonder what affect this is going to have on him. This was definitely not how I imaged him finding out what M’gann really is.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘The Darkest Place.’

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