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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Welcome to Earth’

Published on October 25th, 2016 | Updated on November 28th, 2023 | By FanFest

Supergirl Recap ‘Welcome to Earth’

Our mysterious man from the pod is not excited to find himself in a strange place. He attacks Kara and then escapes from the DEO.

The President is coming to National City. She is an advocate for alien rights and wants them to be welcomed, not shunned and forced into hiding. Upon landing, she is attacked by fireballs and is taken to the DEO for her protection. Kara and Alex believe that it was the man from the pod who attacked her. Alex teams up with a local officer, Maggie Sawyer, to track down the attacker. Maggie has an interest in aliens and takes Alex to a dive bar where aliens are free to be themselves. They find a lead on their target.

At CatCo, James is having a hard time coming into his new position as boss. Snapper steps on his toes and sends the team out on assignments. Kara is tasked with interviewing Lena Luther since her brother was notorious for his stance against aliens. Lena has created a device that can detect an alien that might be hiding among humans. She believes that some aliens can be good, but not all. The people have the right to know who walks around them. Kara sabotages the device to hide that she is an alien. Kara then writes a very passionate piece in opposition of Lena. Snapper makes her rewrite it, saying that reporters have to keep their bias out of a piece. Kara rewrites the piece and ends up being glad that she did. There are two sides to every story and she shouldn’t have let her own feelings cloud what others might be feeling. Later, James puts Snapper in his place, saying that he is the boss and if Snapper doesn’t like the way he does things, he can leave. Snapper begrudgingly steps back to allow James to do his job.

Winn tracks down the man in the pod. Kara brings him back in and they learn that he is a Daxamite, not a Kryptonian. Krypton and Daxam were always in opposition, so that is why he fled when he first woke up. Kara is convinced that he is the one who attacked the President, but he doesn’t even know what that is. When the President appears once more to sign the document granting alien amnesty, she is attacked. Kara saves the President, but their attacker, a woman who can create fireballs and has heat vision, kidnaps Maggie and escapes. Alex goes to the alien dive bar and demands to know more about this woman as she recognized her from her last visit. They get the location and save Maggie, stopping the alien in the process.

Kara goes to the man in the pod and lets him go. She says she doesn’t know anything about him and was wrong to just assume that he was evil. Kara introduces herself and holds out her hand to him. His name is Mon-El and he shakes her hand in friendship. He just wants to get home, but Kara tells him that Daxam was effected by the destruction of Krypton. Daxam is still there, but it is a wasteland.

The President thanks Kara and the DEO for their help. As she leaves, her face changes and it is revealed that she is an alien. J’onn has had a week of coming to terms with being an alien who is known to humans. It’s hard for him because he is so used to hiding who he really is. He goes to the dive bar and is himself. That is when he meets one of the bartenders, who reacts very strangely to his appearance and runs off. J’onn goes after her and she transforms. Her name is M’gann M’orzz and she is the last daughter of Mars.

I liked this episode and it has brought in a bunch of new people. I for one hope to see more of our mysterious alien President. Plus, I loved that Lynda Carter got to throw in a little nod to Wonder Woman (“You should see my other jet”). That was awesome. I like Alex and Maggie together and hope that they do become partners. Maggie is versed in aliens and will be an asset to the DEO. Also, she will help Alex become a little less stern. In this episode, Alex admits that she has always been about putting bullets in aliens and has never viewed them as anything other than a threat (except for Kara and J’onn). Mon-El has been through a lot and I am interested to see where they go with his character. I am also really excited for M’gann. Since J’onn was revealed, I have been waiting for Miss Martian.

The next episode of Supergirl is entitled ‘Survivors.’

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