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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘The Last Children of Krypton’

Published on October 18th, 2016 | Updated on October 18th, 2016 | By FanFest

Supergirl Recap ‘The Last Children of Krypton’

Clark has decided to stick around National City for a little bit and Kara couldn’t be more exited. The episode opens with the two of them putting out fires and stopping criminals around the city. And they are having fun doing it. However, J’onn isn’t too thrilled by Superman’s involvement. He and Clark have butted over the DEO having Kryptonite, but now J’onn also has to remind Kara that one her main priorities is stopping alien threats. Kara believes they can stop normal incidents as well as the ones involving aliens.

The main villain this week is Metallo (previously John Corben), who was created by Cadmus with the intent of destroying the Supers. Their first meeting doesn’t go so well as he has a green core that he can use to shoot beams of pure Kryptonite energy. This does considerable damage to both Kara and Clark. They manage to do escape, but Kara takes a nasty hit. Luckily, the effects disappear once they are away from the Kryptonite. Cadmus isn’t too happy with Metallo’s first encounter with the Supers and start phase two of the operation. They create a second Metallo that will divide the Supers. One attacks National City while the other targets Metropolis. Clark blames himself for the sizable damage and believes that if he had been there, he could’ve stopped it.

At CatCo, Kara has started her new job as a journalist. Her new boss is Snapper Carr and he doesn’t recognize Kara’s employment, saying that reporters attend school and don’t just decide on a whim to take the job. Kara complains about Snapper to Cat, who tells her that she needs to stand up for herself and prove that she can do the job. Cat then says that she won’t be around to fight for Kara any longer as she has decided to take a leave of absence from the company. I am so sad to see Cat go. She has become such a great character and I have loved her and Kara’s interactions. Their final conversation was very moving and we actually got a little bit of emotion out of our steeled CEO. Taking her place as the head of CatCo will be James.

Kara and Alex have a little bit of a fight as Kara tells her sister that she wishes to move to Metropolis. She feels at home when she’s with Clark because he is someone who understands her. Alex is upset by this because everything she has ever done was in the name of protecting Kara. After their fight, Alex decides to take the Metallo situation into her own hands and ousts a mole within the DEO who was giving Kryptonite to Cadmus. Alex confronts our mysterious female doctor, who has plans for Alex. Jeremiah is brought up in the conversation, so he is in fact still alive. A battle unfolds and Kara comes to Alex’s rescue. Cadmus is forced to flee without the Kryptonite.

The team decides to use the idea that Superman and Supergirl are divided to their advantage. Winn has been working on armor that will protect the Supers from the Kryptonite. Superman and Supergirl face off against the Metallos in their respective cities and seem to be holding their own when both of the villains figure out that a powerful punch to the armor will destroy the system. This will allow them to once more use their Kryptonite. But the Supers aren’t alone. Alex comes to Kara’s aid in strength-enhancing armor, while J’onn and Superman join forces. The two teams take down the Metallos by ripping out their Kryptonite core.

The day is saved and Clark says his goodbyes to Kara and the DEO. He has his own city to protect even though he has thoroughly enjoyed working with his cousin. Kara goes to the man from the pod and tells him that she will be there for him when he wakes up. He won’t have to be alone. And suddenly, he wakes up.

I thought it was an interesting move that Cadmus made themselves known and declared war on the Supers. I don’t quite know if their message was broadcast around the world, but they for sure made their intent clear to the DEO. I believe that this season will have Cadmus creating and sending their metas after Supergirl. I also think that their master villain might be an altered version of Jeremiah. Alternatively, he is the head of Cadmus. They are quite the evil bunch and I want to know more about the woman that is currently calling the shots. We still don’t even have a name.

The next episode of Supergirl is called ‘Welcome to Earth.’

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