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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Survivors’

Published on November 1st, 2016 | Updated on November 1st, 2016 | By FanFest

Supergirl Recap ‘Survivor’

This episode begins with the escape of Mon-El from Daxam. We find out that he was a bodyguard to the royal family and closest with the Prince. While avoiding falling bits of Krypton, the Prince is injured. Mon-El comes across a Kryptonian pod and is going to send the Prince away, but he is tricked into the pod and sent to Earth instead. Mon-El was recounting this story to Kara, Winn, and J’onn as they test his capabilities. They want to learn everything they can about his powers before he is allowed to leave the DEO, something that Mon-El isn’t too happy about. He is tired of being cooped up.

J’onn meets with M’gann at the bar once more. He wants to know how she managed to escape since he thought he was the only surviving Green Martian. M’gann says that there was a White Martian who broke ranks and saved her. J’onn then asks if he can mind meld with her to really get to know her. She avoids the question.

Meanwhile, Maggie calls Alex because a dead alien is found. They soon discover that another alien was the killer. While investigating, they are attacked and their witness is taken by men in armor. They track down these men and come across an alien fight club. The leader of the fight club is name Roulette. The first to take the ring is M’gann. Supergirl crashes the party, but gets thoroughly beaten by the gladiator alien, Draaga. When Alex tells J’onn that M’gann was in the ring, he goes to her and they have an argument. J’onn doesn’t want her to fight, but she says that she has to. He believes that this is why she didn’t want to link with him.

Mon-El and Winn bond over the possibility of Mon-El becoming a superhero. The Daxamite asks Winn to make him a costume and come up with his name. Winn thinks that the only reason Mon-El is asking this is so that he can get outside the DEO. They do end up going out and it ends with Winn getting drunk and Mon-El accidentally hurting two civilians. Instead of getting angry, Kara tells Mon-El that she understands what it’s like trying to figure out how to live with these powers and that they shouldn’t just keep him locked up like a prisoner. Eventually, he will be able to leave the DEO. Mon-El then gives Kara some advice on taking down Draaga. I think that he and Kara would make a great team fighting crime, but I still feel like there is more to the story than we know and that Mon-El might be trying to fool them into being his friend. May just be that I am always suspicious of everyone (thanks, The Flash).

J’onn goes to apologize to M’gann, but she has made a deal with Roulette. J’onn is taken to the fight club where he and M’gann are to fight to the death. M’gann says she won’t, but Roulette doesn’t care and orders them to kill each other. Kara, Alex, and Maggie search for J’onn but the location of the fight has been moved. Kara decides to ask Lena Luthor if she knows anything, since the rich and powerful are invited to witness and bet on the fights. Lena does know where the next one is to be held and gives up the location to Kara. Kara thanks her and says that she is in Lena’s debt. Lena then makes a comment about how that might be useful one day (suspicion!).

Kara and the DEO arrive in time to stop the fight. With Mon-El’s advice, she defeats Draaga, and Roulette is taken into custody. Alex goes to invite Maggie our for drinks to celebrate their win, but, unfortunately, Maggie is in the process of letting Roulette go. Apparently, orders come down for her release. Maggie takes a rain check on those drinks as she is going out with her girlfriend (and Alex looks a little sad about that).

J’onn apologizes to M’gann once more and says that he just wanted to get to know another of his kind. He thought he was the last Martian for so long, he was just excited by the prospect of having someone else. After he leaves, M’gann reveals why she didn’t want to share her mind with J’onn. She’s not a Green Martian, she’s a White Martian.

The next episode is entitled, ‘Crossfire.’

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