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‘Steven Universe Future’ Recap ‘Snow Day’

Steven Universe Future Recap Snow Day – Episode 7

Steven is officially a worker bee and subject to the pains of 7am alarms. He no longer has time for sugar-y breakfasts, petting cats, or even his cheeseburger backpack.

Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl are clearly struggling to deal with this, and plan dog-copter movie nights and together breakfast’s. Unfortunately, young adult Steven is just too busy with class schedules and errands to spend time with the gems.

Steven then ends up snow-ed in, and they have to close Little Home School, it seems like the perfect time to play Steven tag. Amethyst and Garnet shape shift in to mini Steven’s, much to his upset, and chase him around the house. When Pearl arrive,s he hopes it’s all over as she does not change shape. Unfortunately for him, the power of Steven Tag compels her, and a third mini Steven is now in the game.

Hijinks ensue and he escapes out in to the snow to hide, so we get a megamix of fusion Stevens – Sugilite Steven, Sardonyx Steven, Opal Steven and even Alexandrite Steven. Steven has nowhere left to hide and is forced to enter the game. He uses his new adult powers and knocks an unfused Amethyst, Pearl and Ruby out. But he forgets about Sapphire, who manages to tag him in and win the round.

'Steven Universe Future' Recap 'Snow Day'
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The gems are delighted and as the rules state, Steven must now transform in to the younger version of himself. He does, despite his clear anger, but when the gems start to celebrate her breaks down – he’s grown up now and worked hard to be the young man he is. Will they always see him this way? The gems rush to hug him and apologise – they love who he is now, they just miss spending time with him. Garnet decides they can still play Steven Tag, but as new adult Steven. The gang continue to frolic in the snow, and when that 7am alarm hits the next morning, the team travel to work together, protein shakes and all.

Steven Universe Future: Snow Day is the first episode we’ve had with the original quartet, and it has that charming original series vibe. What did you all think? And who was your favourite Steven Tag player? (Opal always gets my vote).

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