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‘Steven Universe Future’ Recap ‘Little Graduation’

Published on December 28th, 2019 | Updated on December 28th, 2019 | By FanFest

Steven Universe Future Recap Little Graduation – Steven hosts a graduation for Little Homeschool, and discovers it’s more than just his students moving on. Can he control his emotions?

Steven heads to Lars’ new shop to pick up a cake for the Little Homeworld graduation ceremony. Whilst there Sadie comes in for moon cakes and Steven is excited to see Sadie and Lars back together again, just like old times. Unfortunately, he finds out that Sadie has a new partner and that Lars is planning on heading back in to space now the Off Colours are done with school.

At the graduation Steven meets Sadie’s partner Shep and learns they’ll be performing together, rather than Sadie and the Suspects. He talks to some of the other kids and realises they are all moving on with their lives too. Everyone is moving on but him. Whilst Sadie and Shep perform, Steven notices Lars is leaving. Not wanting to say goodbye, Steven once again loses control of his emotions and goes full pink, stopping Lars in his tracks and trapping all the graduation attendees in a dome with him.

Steven, still refusing to deal with his complex emotions, blames the dome on Lars. He wants to know why Lars and Sadie haven’t tried to reconnect since they’ve all been back. The pair explain they have, but they’ve both moved on. Lars misses Sadie, but is pleased she’s found someone good for her. Steven still can’t cope and the dome starts to close in on all the attendees, to the point they’ll be crushed.

Shep reaches out and talks to Steven. His powers are controlled by his emotions. Maybe he needs to acknowledge he’s not ok with his friends leaving. Steven breaks down and says he likes that everyone is back and doesn’t want to lose his friends. The teens reassure him they’ll alkways be his friend, even if they are lightyears away. The dome disappears and Steven realises maybe he needs a change too.

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