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‘Steven Universe Future’ Recap ‘Volleyball’

Published on December 8th, 2019 | Updated on December 8th, 2019 | By FanFest

Steven Universe Future Recap Volleyball. In the last of the 4 brand new Steven Universe Future episodes, Volleyball starts with Steven playing gem doctor. Using his magical healing spit, he’s able to heal up some Rubies and various other gems who have got carried away in a game of volleyball. Waiting patiently outside he finds Pink Pearl, who’s come to see if she can get her cracked eye healed.

Steven attempts to fix her, but cannot. He questions if she can remember anything that happened to her whilst she was under White’s command, but she can’t. She does however remember that it was actually Pink who cracked her eye.

Panicked, Steven takes her to see Pearl. Cue an adorable Pearl meet Pearl standoff, where Pink Pearl reminds her that she’s actually older than her and was Pink’s first. Steven decides it’s too confusing and gives her the nickname Volleyball. Pearl decides they should go back to the reef where all Pearl’s are created. Once there, they examine the different artefacts and Volleyball shows off her twirling baton.

They head through to get Volleyball fixed, but unfortunately the Homeworld tech cannot heal her either, as it is not her gem that is damaged. Pearl starts to lament about how White could have done this, but Volleyball explains Pink damaged her – does she not remember her temper?

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Steven panics as the Pearls bicker over who really knew Pink, and his new pink glow comes over him. This causes him to explode in a rage, similar to what we saw at the end of the last season. Both pearls become trapped in a regenerator to be rebooted from scratch. Steven is devastated that he could be as destructive as his mum, but when all seems lost, Pearl apologises to Volleyball for not believing her and the pair fuse to create a new Mega-Pearl.

The Pearl fusion helps Steven to stop the destruction and they head back to Beach City. Steven is still upset, but the fusion explains that they now have the full story. One knew Pink when she was trying to change but didn’t understand why, the other never thought she could change. They unfuse and look out across the shore, ready to step in to the future. But can Steven really let go of Pink’s past?

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