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‘Steven Universe Future’ Recap ‘Prickly Pair’

Steven Universe Future Recap Prickly Pair – Steven tries his hand at gardening, but his emotions grow out of control. Literally.

Having left Little Homeschool, Steven is trying his hands at gardening. He’s set up a greenhouse and has named all his plants after his old friends – Onion, Sadie, Ronaldo etc. He hasn’t been using his magic spit to grow them, but when he cuts his finger on a cactus, he accidentally gets some on the cactus, bring it to life.

Steven and the gems name the cactus Cactus Steven as it resembles him so much. He takes it out to spend some time in the sunshine together, and confides in Cactus Steven just how low he is feeling. Why does he need to be needed so much?

The next morning Steven visits the plants and discovers Cactus Steven has developed the power of speech and can parrot what Steven has said to him. He shows the gems, but when Cactus Steven starts to repeat his thoughts form the night before he panics.

Back in the conservatory, he rants to Cactus Steven about how he can no longer turn to the gems for advice and needs to fix the problem on his own. When the cactus starts to repeat this back he panics, covers it with a box and leaves.

Later, he returns to find Cactus Steven has grown larger and angrier. Steven apologises for treating him badly, but Cactus Steven has absorbed his anger so Steven can’t cope with him – or hearing his angry thoughts back, and leaves again.

Unfortunately, Cactus Steven continues to grow, in size and in anger, and attacks Steven in the beach house. The gems return to try and help Steven, but Steven’s anger and frustration seep out of the cactus. The gems are hurt, whilst the cactus continues to shout out Steven’s dark thoughts.

Eventually Steven realises that the cactus is copying him, so stops the fight. He realises what he needs is love, he’s been treated badly by his only role model – Steven himself. He hugs the cactus who in turn hugs back. Steven apologises, but Cactus Steven is done, and leaves the beach house to live his own adventures.

The gems check in to see if there’s anything Steven wants to talk about – but he’s already said enough.

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