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‘SPEECHLESS’: Top 5 hashtag worthy moments from ‘R-O–ROLL M-O–MODEL’

Honesty is the best policy this week on Speechless, but the DiMeos have a little trouble realizing it at first.

Maya’s special brand of “help” backfires. Jimmy begins to lose his identity when an impressive television enters his life. Meanwhile, Ray and Dylan enter a support group under false pretenses.

Through several laughs and lessons, the family finally comes around to facing the truth. While it is always tough to only a pick a few, here are the top 5 hashtag worthy moments in episode ‘R-O–ROLL M-O–MODEL’.

Special Needs Mother Theresa

Maya refers to herself as “Special Needs Mother Theresa” when she asks JJ about mentoring an aspiring young “sit-down” comedian named Owen. Owen is new in town and uses a wheelchair as well. Maya has also taken it upon herself to mentor Owen’s father who is concerned about no one showing up for Owen’s upcoming birthday party.

JJ is skeptical about getting involved, especially when he begins to realize that Maya may have manipulated some situations for JJ in the past to keep him from being disappointed. There was the “chance” meeting with a gentleman who claimed to be an astronaut and fellow wheelchair user. Then there was the story about the Lakers basketball players who wanted to come to young JJ’s birthday party. And let us not forget that Maya convinced JJ that FDR was his pen pal.

Cool box, Dad

Jimmy invites his baggage team at the airport to the annual scavenging of unclaimed luggage. He graciously allows the employees to go ahead of him, only after hiding a huge box containing a big screen TV in the back.

The DiMeo dad is so proud to reveal his score back at home. He becomes frustrated when the family gets more excited about the box itself. I mean, really, who doesn’t marvel at a super large box and all you might do with it? Maya considers using the box material to create a study, while Ray admires the box’s nice corners.

Jimmy is anxious to clean up the living room to make it worthy of the impressive TV. Since Maya and the kids are so infatuated with the big box, Jimmy offers the cardboard prize to the best helper.

Is this school hot at night?

Ray and Dylan stand outside the school at night looking for the fancy calculator that Dylan took from Ray. Ray spies some attractive young ladies entering the school. His curiosity is piqued as he ponders, “Is this school hot at night?”.

The siblings learn that there is a teen support group meeting at the school. Dylan gets excited about the pizza served at the group and Ray admires the pretty girls.  The pair makes up reasons they need support in order to stick around.

While Ray remains focused on getting a date from the girl who generously (ha!) shares her first name with him, Dylan realizes that she actually appreciates the idea of getting some support. Dylan tries to get Ray to give up the group but he refuses. They get kicked out of the group when they start bickering and calling each other liars.

They eventually come clean with the leader, however, and experience some real insights about the issues they face as brother and sister to someone with special needs.

Big TV

The big screen TV becomes simply “Big TV” as Jimmy becomes increasingly obsessed with being worthy of such a large entertainment device. He adds drapes to the room, ups his wardrobe game, and mounts the TV above the mantle, all in an effort to be “good enough” for Big TV.

It’s pretty hilarious watching Jimmy fall prey to the demands of Big TV. Ray eventually helps Jimmy see the error of his ways and he returns Big TV (and Big Box) to the baggage department for its next victim.

The real stuff is so good.

Maya, Kenneth, and JJ arrive for Owen’s birthday party. They are disappointed to see that no one else is in attendance. Owen rolls out of the big birthday box to begin his comedy routine and wonders where everyone is.

At first JJ pretends to be a famous comedian to make Owen feel good that he has come to the party. In the end, he decides to share the truth with Owen. He encourages Owen with his real story of making true friends over time. JJ tells Owen about his success in getting through school and his plans for college to study film making.

Maya reminds Owen’s dad that “manufactured victories” are not necessary because “the real stuff is so good”. Owen seems encouraged. His dad is also pleased with the advice but decides he’s had enough of Maya’s mentoring!

Bonus moments:

  • All those adorable photos of little Micah Fowler in JJ’s birthday scrapbook
  • Ray trying to wear Maya’s sweater because the soft material might invite the pretty girls at group to give him a touch of encouragement on his arm
  • JJ’s slow clap when Owen’s dad calls Maya out on the ridiculousness of suggesting FDR as the child’s pen pal
  • Kenneth telling JJ, “You had me at Mom’s wrong.” The competitive climate between Maya and Kenneth never gets old!
  • Young actor Cale Ferrin (as Owen) delivering famous movie quotes with a disability twist

It was another fun night on Speechless with some great lessons to boot!