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‘SPEECHLESS’: Top 5 hashtag worthy moments in ‘O-U–OUR M-A–MAGEDDON’

Published on January 26th, 2019 | Updated on January 26th, 2019 | By FanFest

Is it relationship trouble or just miscommunication this week on Speechless?

Relationships can certainly be complicated, especially when wires get crossed. Sometimes you have to put out a couple of fires before the truth comes out.

Maya and Dylan seem to have the perfect mother-daughter rapport until Maya calls Dylan a “mini-Maya”. That’s when things begin to go off the rails. Or, should I say, through a garage? Jimmy gets benched by Kenneth and tasked with keeping Joyce busy. So, Jimmy does Kenneth a solid but ends up feeling like his friendship efforts are not reciprocated.

Meanwhile, JJ’s romantic film assignment is a big success with Mr. Powers, but perhaps not a personal one. Our filmmaker is struggling with the idea of sharing his feelings with Izzy.

Airport baggage manager or cobbler?

Jimmy and Kenneth make plans for a guys’s night out at the turtle races since Kenneth’s new lady friend, Melanie Hertzel, is not available. That kind of makes Jimmy sound like a second banana, but it gets worse when Melanie does become available and Kenneth asks Jimmy for a favor instead.

Kenneth knows that former flame, and wacky physical therapist, Joyce, will also be at the turtle races. He does not want Joyce to see him with Melanie. Kenneth asks Jimmy to keep Joyce busy so they will not run into each another at the turtle races.

Jimmy reluctantly obliges and fakes a back ailment as Joyce is leaving the house after her therapy session with JJ. When Jimmy asks her to look at his “injury”, Joyce asks how he would feel if she asked him to make shoes for her on a weekend. Crazy Joyce (who carries around her marble collection so her roommate will not steal it) seems to think Jimmy is a cobbler!

I thought you might have thought I might

It’s game on between Maya and Dylan when the spirited daughter takes offense at being called a “mini-Maya”. She wants to have her own identity, of course. Dylan begins to do things she thinks Maya will not like, such as supporting the straw ban at school. Maya is one step ahead of Dylan, however. Because they are indeed a lot alike, Maya anticipates Dylan’s every move.

When Dylan tries to leave the house, she finds that Maya has drilled the door shut. Clever Dylan has a drill at the ready thinking Maya might have done such a thing. Foiled again, Maya has taken the batteries out of the drill rendering it useless. To Dylan’s dismay, Maya responds,”I thought you might have thought I might.”

Dylan tries to get the upper hand next by snatching Maya’s keys and escaping through the window. She starts up the van and heads out, I mean, in – right through the garage door!

Is there any way this ends well?

Honestly, no judgement

The whole family learns that JJ is interested in a girl that someone close to him also likes. Ray responds by telling JJ to be a “mean Don Juan”, take no prisoners, and go after the girl. His tune changes when he learns that the girl is Izzy and that he is the other suitor.

Ray opens up to Jimmy telling him he feels like he should not compete with JJ since he has a disability. In perfect Jimmy fashion, the DiMeo dad reminds Ray that he may not have anything to worry about given his long history of rejection with girls at school. He hilariously softens the blow with the words “honestly, no judgement”.

Ray then responds in perfect Ray fashion being relieved instead of offended. He thinks this is great, just be a little “extra” himself and Izzy will refuse him.

Jimmy, you care

A cell phone prank gone wrong informs Joyce that Kenneth asked Jimmy to stall her so she would not see him with Melanie. Let’s just say, do not cross Joyce. Joyce drives Jimmy the turtle races (in her Aston Martin, what?!) to confront Kenneth. She also suggests that Kenneth does not really value Jimmy as a friend. Kenneth is the one cancelling on Jimmy all the time. Hmm . . .

It turns out that Joyce just wants an apology from Kenneth. Jimmy is frustrated to learn that his efforts to keep Joyce away were not really necessary after all. He is also hurt that Kenneth may consider him as a only a friend of convenience. Kenneth realizes the error of his ways saying, “Jimmy, you care.” He ends up cancelling with Melanie to keep his original commitment with his friend Jimmy and even invites Jimmy to his improv group. Don’t get too sentimental, though. Kenneth is still going to keep asking for favors. Now he needs a ride home!

Your disability kind of freaks me out

Izzy rejects Ray, but she also makes up an excuse to decline a date with JJ as well. JJ was afraid this would happen, that Izzy would not accept him in his wheelchair. Maybe there is more to the story, though.

The next day at school Izzy comes clean with JJ telling him that she does indeed like him, but “your disability kind of freaks me out”. She explains that she is worried that she may do something wrong because she is not very familiar with dealing with accessibility issues. JJ is enamored with her honesty and tells her they can take it “one date at a time”. Wires uncrossed!

So, how did things turn out for Maya and Dylan? Maya takes Dylan’s concerns about wanting to be her own person and have her own space to heart. Insurance comes through with a new garage door, but Maya has it installed in the siblings’ bedroom instead. Now Dylan can have her own room behind the garage door. It looks like these two strong ladies have learned a little more about each other!

Relationships are not always easy. Having a disability can create unique obstacles. Thankfully, the DiMeos help one another navigate the challenges and celebrate the wins.

Don’t forget! The next episode of the Speechless podcast with Zach Anner drops on Tuesday, January 29. Get some laughs and inside scoop on the show!


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